Why does time pass so slowly on a treadmill?

I was back at the gym today with the rest of the old folks. My little old man friend, who doesn’t even know he’s my friend, was there walking on the treadmill again. I came THIS close to asking him to do an interview and find out how old he is and why he makes the trip to the gym at his age, but I was too busy sweating out TWO pounds of sweat. Yes, I weighed myself before and after, and that includes drinking a full 20 ounces of water during the torture session.

What kind of runner are you? 1) Love the treadmill. (Weirdo)  2) Won’t be caught dead running on a treadmill. ( Hardcore or purist)  or 3) I do what I have to do to train for races, and sometimes that means running on a treadmill. (Majority) For once, I am in the majority. Usually I prefer to buck the system and yes, I do run in extreme weather sometimes, but I think treadmills and gyms have a purpose. I went to the gym very few times in 2018. I think I’ve already been more times in 2019 than last year! But last year was a weird year with the injury and loads of stress that life threw at me. This year will be different, I hope.

So anyway, I went to the gym because I wanted to sweat on the Stairmaster, which I did , for 30 minutes. And I made myself run for one hour on the treadmill. I was watching The Price is Right since I didn’t get there until late, which seems to be my norm lately. I used to get up and run early when I had running buddies. Part of me wants to go back to that routine, but part of me says, nah, do my own thing. Today I listened to a podcast on the Stairmaster and then watched Drew give away money and prizes while on the treadmill. I also watched a little Spanish news because the Price is Right was finished before I was .

The gym was almost empty as usual on a Wednesday mid-morning, but there were a few oldsters in there. Then a few other people came and went , walking or running a mile on the treadmill while I ran my six. I think they just do a little cardio to go with their weight lifting.

So I had the goal of one hour, which I figure I should be able to get six miles. I actually needed an extra 1:52  to get to six but I didn’t want to stop. The mind games started before I even got to three miles. “Maybe three is enough since I did 30 minutes on the Stairs. NO! You said you’d do an hour, do it.” “I’m getting tired. Maybe 5 miles is enough. No! You can do it. Stop watching the clock.” “I am so bored. This is good mental training. Keep going.”  “Groan. How long are these minutes!?’ “Only one mile to go, no biggie. You got this.” “Finished!!! Yes! Mental high five.”

By the way, I also ran 5 miles Monday and Tuesday. I am really working on getting back into my previous running condition. I got so lazy last year. But my hiking adventure gave me some motivation to get in better shape. The lady that I went with is very fit and strong and I want to be able to keep up with her. We are the same age. Hopefully we will be taking more trips together and I want to be able to run on those hikes, not just hike . I took a few pics of my little gym for your enjoyment but I didn’t get one of the old man. Maybe next time. 🙂



  1. There was a season in my life when my youngest was OK with the childcare at the gym, and I went there every day to hit the treadmill for an hour. I didn’t mind, because I have the good fortune to be able to read and walk, and I reread all my favorite books during that season.
    Years later I was doing my weight training one summer day and saw a couple of people on treadmills and wondered why in the world they would be on treadmills when the weather outside was so beautiful. I thought perhaps they had pollen allergies or such, but then I noticed that this was a mother and son. The woman was walking at her pace, and her son was jogging along at his, and they were still able to stay together and talk as they got their exercise. ❤

  2. Good for you! 🙂 My husband has great mental focus and used to use our Nordic Track when we had room, lol. He liked it because it gave a great workout and he could just mentally zone out. I HATED it, lol. I have terrible focus and was always checking to see how much I had done. 🙂

    • Does he still run? I miss my home treadmill. I still prefer running outside but it was so convenient on rainy days! And I had my own TV. 😀

      • He doesn’t run, his knees hurt too much 😦 We actually got a yearly subscription thing (I don’t know what’s it called, lol) to beachbody on the computer. This has been money well spent since he can choose whichever workout he wants and can try out different things to find one he likes. So since it is still snowy, he can workout whenever he wants. 🙂

  3. Living in Wisconsin, I probably spend half the year inside on the treadmill. I prefer that to not running at all. It can be miserable, but I always treat myself afterwards by sitting in the sauna. I am excited to ramp up my running outside soon to get ready for my first 50k. I have plans this weekend to run outside with a new partner that I met from the show I was in. She is a very good runner and runs outside year round which is hard core crazy! I suppose you run inside on the hottest summer days?? I ran outside twice this year. Both days the temps were in the 40’s with 30 mph wind gusts. Yuck! But it is starting to warm up…

    • I understand! Yes, when it gets super hot AND humid, sometimes I just go to the gym. Other days I have to run outside to prepare for races. I have an August race this summer , so I will have to get heat acclimated. Yikes.

      • What is the distance of the race you are running? I am planning on doing a 50k in Michigan at the end of September. So it could be hot or cold. That always makes things interesting. I’m not sure I would do well with either extreme. But it’s always nice to know that everyone else is in the same boat.

      • 50k and it starts at noon in Texas. It’s called Habanero 100. I’ve paced it with my friend several times, but never got my own bling so I am going for it. That’s your first 50k right? I’m excited for you. Is it trail?

      • Yes, first 50k trail run. Any advice?

        Wow, noon sounds like a terribly hot start time. I think mine starts at the crack of dawn. That was one of the hardest things about running the trail marathon last year. We slept in a tent the night before and I was up half the night worrying that I would miss the start time.

      • I never sleep before a race. Just make sure to sleep two nights before and rest the day before. I know that’s not always easy! Yes, they wanted this race to be HOT and it is. People always drop out. Hopefully you can get some trail practice before race day, that helps. Also, just be sure to take in plenty of calories throughout the race, don’t wait until you bonk.

      • Thanks! It won’t be long until I’m running outside. The best thing is that my oldest daughter has taken to running and wants to do a 5k with me this summer. Do any of your kids run?

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