Christian Music from the 70s

Yesterday I was driving and, as I often do, I was listening to the Christian station. They have an amazing collection of beautiful and varied music that I never hear anywhere else. A song came on that really grabbed my attention and I had to sit in my van and finish listening even though I had arrived at home. Now you should know that I am a fan of many types of music. I love Latin, soul, disco, Classic Rock, Oldies, Classic Country, Alternative, some Classical, some Top 40, pretty much everything except Folk. This song that came on may classify as Folk Christian. You tell me. But I guess I was in the mood . I quickly searched and found it on Youtube! By the comments, I guess it is hard to find. Take a listen and tell me what you think.

After going into the house I got on my laptop and spent the next hour listening to a bunch of songs from that era that really blew me away. I don’t want to be too critical, but I am not a big fan of today’s style of Contemporary Christian Praise and worship music. The words can be okay in some of the songs,  but the music is pretty bad. It feels very hypnotic and I do not need to be hypnotized to worship my Lord. I like a few bands such as Switchfoot and Jars of Clay.

The music also stimulated some thoughts on how those Christians in the 70s thought that Jesus was coming back soon. Well , it’s been 50 years and we are still waiting and many of those people have gone on to be with Jesus, and many of us are expecting Jesus to come soon based on current events. We just don’t know , do we? We must keep working and sharing the Gospel with the lost. God bless you for reading and I hope you like the music! The first one is very mellow and the others are more Rock n Roll. I’ll just put three and if you want , just click on the Mix that is suggested and discover some great old bands and songs.


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