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Today I read some crap on Longreads that I wanted to comment on, but there was no place to do it. So I thought I’d do it here. Dear author of Blowin’ Up the 90s. Your article is gibberish. Your sarcastically-hip style is annoying. Your points are pointless. I feel sad for you that your experience of life is so awful. Yes, the 80s were way better than the 90s but life has gone basically downhill since the Industrial revolution , with a few good periods. Progress is relative. The way you deconstructed every little thing was simply depressing. I know that was the point of the article, but why? Find something better to do with your words. Use them to uplift, encourage, motivate, inspire. Pointing out the bad in people helps how? Maybe I’m just too old to understand. I hope you find Jesus.


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