My week in photos (and a few words)


Somehow I managed to get on the trails four days in a row!  Hiking with hubby after Thanksgiving. The crunchy , leaf-covered trails were a delight to my soul.

My daughter and son are both sick. Here she was getting a ‘vest’ treatment’, in which the vest inflates with air and shakes her lungs. In the middle photo, they were moving the chicken house so the chickens can peck up all the the grass in a new spot. And that’s my tired pooch, Ellie,  after a busy day of running and barking.

I had trouble concentrating on schoolwork this week. So I took the kids hiking. The trees are so colorful! And it was fun watching my kids play on the playground for a few minutes. Teenage boys are tough to understand sometimes, but we often have very interesting and open conversations when we go hiking.  We covered 4 miles that day and some deep topics.  Whew.

Thanks to a Facebook friend, we got tickets to the Houston Zoolights event and even thought it rained that day, it stopped and we went. My daughter doesn’t respond to much, but she loves colorful lights! Highly recommend.


I wasn’t planning on Cyber Monday shopping, nor did I shop on Black Friday except for my groceries, but I happened upon a super 1/2 price deal on some running fuel ( sugar) and got this box of goodies. The other photos is the traffic on the highway. Thank God for Google Maps and alternate routes!



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