“Don’t be a quitter!” is often good advice , but there are times that quitting is a good idea.

1. Quit trying to please everyone. It’s impossible and will make you crazy. Be fair, compromise sometimes, don’t always have to have it your way, but it’s okay to make decisions based on your preferences and best interests at least sometimes! If you’re single with no kids, you can do that most of the time.

2. Quit expecting other people to make you happy, be perfect, always meet your expectations, put your needs first, read your mind, and put up with your bullshit. It’s not reasonable or fair.

3. Quit whining and complaining constantly. This habit drives people away, makes you forget all the good stuff you have going for you and makes you less likely to be successful in your goals.

4. Quit eating junk food , drinking too much caffeine and alcohol , staying up late, and sitting too much. Take care of your health and you’ll be happier .

5. Quit reading and believing social media. Most of it is fake and manipulative and sometimes outright dangerously incorrect information. Choose your research websites carefully.

6. Quit being a slave to your phone. Put it down and leave the room. Can you read a book ? Can you write a sentence or a note with proper spelling on paper with a pen? Can you have a face to face conversation? These skills matter.

7. Quit judging by looks and believing stereotypes. Get to know people first . There are a lot of good people in the world. And bad people. But you can’t always tell the difference.

Hopefully you already quit or never did most of these , good job, but it’s just something I thought about while running.


  1. Love it, thank you. As you know I quit grained and have experienced a huge improvement in me/cfs symptoms. I was wondering if I should quit dairy too. What’s your opinion?

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