It’s Too Late for The World, But You Can Still Choose Life

I was just reading a January 2022 article about the left-right political and ideological divide in the culture war. Although it was only written one year ago, it felt very outdated since the course-altering release of OpenAi. The author’s premise that the two sides had merged on economic issues but were divided on culture was correct. He is correct in saying that the GOP is no longer economically conservative.

But his claims about the religious right trying to control culture were misplaced. We are actually trying to preserve humanity as long as possible for our children. The left has given up on humans and is willing and ready to march into a glorious future where artificial intelligence and robots do all the work so they are free to spend their days online, buying things, playing games, creating art, getting high, and having bizarre sex. They are looking forward to the utopian world of universal basic income, cheap and plentiful energy, and constant connection to the internet of things of which they are just another data point. They are ready for this global revolution in which everyone will be equally dependent on and provided for by the AI machines.

But Christians know that human nature is flawed. Without a proper respect and fear of God, humanity will always fail. This is the real left-right difference. Those of us trying to preserve humanity reject the false claims that this world can be perfected by handing it over to machines and turning humans into technology. We understand that this is an existential threat, not just a culture war.

Preserving humanity is not just about putting limits on how much power we give to machines. Human life itself is at risk as the left not only normalizes but prioritizes anti-life policies and culture. The left elevates childlessness, gender-change surgery, homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia, escapism through virtual reality and psychedelic drug use, and personal relationships with artificial intelligence over real human family, true community, purposeful work, and sanctity of life, which is a worldview that devalues human life itself.

Growing numbers of people do not even know what it means to be human anymore. They isolate themselves and live virtual lives. Celebrating these unnatural perversions of life is only possible when you fail recognize God’s sovereignty over your existence. But it’s not too late to opt out of the machine. Hold on to what is real. God will preserve his children as the world builds this technological prison. Real life with God is infinitely safer and more fulfilling than any simulated utopia without Him.

By the way, I wrote a short book, or booklet, about AI. I used ChatGPT-3’s words generously throughout the pages to explain what AI is and why it’s a good and bad thing. After I published my little book, which I probably did a little too hastily, I kept reading more about AI. I think everyone should be paying close attention. Just this week an AI-generated fake Joe Rogan podcast showed the world how AI can be used in nefarious ways. If you would like to read my little book, it is available on Amazon.



  1. Well said! I agree, the ideological divide is much more about honoring God, preserving humanity and nature, versus artificial intelligence, simulated reality, and humans somehow “evolving” away from who we really are.

  2. […] But how can you trust a God that you don’t believe in? Is it really that hard to believe in God? There is evidence all around you that the world was created. Almost all people do believe, although the powers that be do not want you to know that. The Big Bang and evolution theories of creation do not eliminate God. Scientists believe in the existence of invisible dark matter (see note below) because of the effect it has on the universe! We believe in God because of the effect He has on the universe that He created. He spoke and there was light! But the deception of the world is getting more powerful. You need to decide now. […]

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