It’s Easy to Have Faith When Having Faith is The Norm

Will you hold to your beliefs when your way of life makes you an outcast ? You might be thinking that you’ll be a secret Christian. Remember those social credit scores? There will be no secrets in the near future. Living your beliefs will become more difficult and costly.

Despite the many beneficial social changes and global economic progress that Christianity has produced in the world, it is losing popularity as a religion. Christian teachings have been misconstrued and redefined by the opposition to turn the public against the church.

The day will come and is already on it’s way when Christianity will not only no longer be the dominant world religion, but it will be forced to go underground. In the days leading up the outlawing of Christianity, many who profess Jesus will renounce their faith in order to save their jobs, their reputations, their relationships, and even their lives. Now is a good time to examine your beliefs and see if you are truly trusting God with your life.

Besides the obvious foes of Christianity, such as those who do not believe in God or who worship different gods, there will be enemies within the church who call themselves Christians. The unreconcilable differences between those who follow the Jesus of the Bible and those who follow a different gospel will only get worse. Also, there will be a proliferation of unbiblical sects that claim to be Christian, but are actually cults.

Some of the Christians you know may not believe any of the basic doctrines. True Bible-believing, orthodox, traditional Christian churches will find themselves to be a minority, especially in Democrat cities and coastal states. Life for real Christians will not be easy when we are no longer the political and social majority in America.

We have already witnessed the behavior of the anti-Christian mob in the past few years. Are you ready to be hated, accused of crimes, considered mentally ill or psychopathic, ostracized and excluded from groups, the way that other minority groups have been for centuries? Will your faith be enough when times get really tough?

Now is the time to join up with other believers to study the Word, pray, and put on the armor of God. Some people are even moving to states and towns where they can live amongst and do business with other believers. Faith has historically been used as a barrier to exclude the minority group from the market. We are already being legally prevented from speaking freely in public.

You can practice staying strong by living out your faith among people that you know disagree with your beliefs. Insert Jesus into your daily conversations. Let your light shine wherever you go, even in enemy territory. Wear a Christian t-shirt. Invite a friend to Bible Study. I know, they don’t make it easy to be who you are.

Learn how to share your testimony and defend the faith when called on. Always be ready to give an answer for why you believe in Jesus. Not everyone needs to become an activist that gets arrested, but be willing to admit that you believe in John 14:6! And give God the glory if you are persecuted for it. But never use violence or hate when attacked for your faith. Stand firm until the end, but do it with love.


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