Rat Poison in the Cheese and Crackers: Every Netflix Series and Movie and Book and Song Is Propaganda

We just finished watching Daybreak on Netflix. This was a very creative and interesting and mostly normal coming of age story that takes place in an apocalyptic setting. It also offers a little bit of nostalgia to any adults who stumble upon it, since it stars Matthew Broderick, of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and War Games fame. Unfortunately, mixed in with some poignant teenage issues, like romance, figuring oneself out, the agony of high school cliques, feeling like an outcast, and desperate longing for parental love and quality time, Daybreak inserts unnecessary propaganda into the story where it is obviously not natural.

However, now that I have had time to grow up and look back on the movies and other culture I consumed as a child, teen, and college student, I understand that this is nothing new. We were being brainwashed by cartoons, commercials, music, MTV, magazines, and movies from the day they were invented. Think of the pro-abortion themes in Grease and Dirty Dancing and Saturday Night Fever. How about the anti-religion slant in Footloose and Ode to Billy Joe? Those are just a few off the top of my head. You can Google it and find many more message movies.

So what was the propaganda in Daybreak that interfered with an otherwise pretty cool show? After several episodes that were fairly tame, the gay scenes started. Then the main character, who wants to do the right thing but is a bit of a doofus, has sex with his girlfriend for the first time losing his virginity. After that we are subjected to an awful scene of him telling her he loves her and her reacting with a disgusting and unrealistic feminist tirade about how she can have sex with whoever she wants. If that is how girls really are today, I feel so bad for the boys looking for wives. Lastly we are treated to an HPV vaccine commercial from the principal. It’s so blatant that I have hope today’s very savvy Gen Z will see through it.

Anyway, just venting. I would liken this show to an updated version of Ferris Bueller and similar movies where there are few adults and the kids are trying to figure out life. Daybreak is based on a graphic novel. The plot is that a nuclear bomb goes off and the adults all die or become ghoulies. The kids divide up into stereotypical cliques to survive. I liked the positive parts that showed kids working together and working through conflicts and coming up with solutions. It’s actually pretty clever and I enjoyed it, but I hated the propaganda scenes. Thankfully we have a fast forward button.

Have you seen it? Do these blatant attempts to brainwash the viewer bother you? Does the good outweigh the bad in this show?



  1. Oh yes, I can hardly watch anything these days without being revolted by the blatant brainwashing. We’ve always had that going on, but today it is so obvious as to be downright annoying. We were watching something cheesy the other night when suddenly these two guys decide to just start making out. It had nothing to do with the story line, just some gratuitous homosexuality so everybody understands what we are all supposed to be normalizing. It is so out of context and unrelated to anything.

    I love movies and shows but I realized I didn’t want to pay for any of these premium channels. We now stream everything for free and while the shows and movies are a bit older and less popular, there are hundreds of thousands to choose from.

  2. We must just be careful how much we watch propaganda such as this, because eventually it affects our thinking if we are viewing stuff for just entertainment. We need to always keep our spiritual antenna up and look for what Father thinks of that with which we are filling our minds.
    PureFlix, Worshiphousemedia, RedeemTV and Revelation Media offer better options than Netflix, although some of their offerings are a little boring. However, better boring than battling! 😉
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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