Don’t be Duped by Utopian Dreamers

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Today I watched a video in which a group of Millennials described how they were building a free society. The only problem was that they needed donations to buy the land for their utopia. I laughed at the irony. Then I realized that this is the Democrat platform.

The Democrats say they know a better way to live! Equity for all! Everyone gets free stuff! Free housing, free internet, free food, free sex, no rules, no inequality, no evil corporations. It’s gonna be great! Only thing is they need donations to build their new society. These come in the form of taxes. And they don’t explain where the free stuff will come from since they want to do away with capitalism. But the wonderful utopia is always just out of reach. The gap between the rich and the poor and middle class is the only thing that’s growing in the Democrat garden of Utopia. The reality is that the Democrats are fascists.

However, we can build our own small utopias within the current framework of productive, innovative free markets. We, not physically separated from the world, but mentally separated, can experience the freedom and peace we desire by becoming mature, productive, hard-working, self-controlled members of society and families. In our own lives we can avoid the inevitable endpoint of the Democrat’s plan of socialism, slavery to the few. The dream of Socialism is popular because people want an easy life. But if we are willing to live according to the principles laid out by God, honesty, fairness, hard work, contentment, family loyalty, humility, etcetera, we can experience a good life NOW.

Utopian communities were popular in the early industrial period. People were struggling with rapid change, job loss, disease, and there were charismatic men and women who offered them a solution. “Come work in my commune.” They offered a more hopeful and free life based on shared labor but without restrictions on personal freedom. They were anti-capitalists and idealists and individualists. Creating a self-sufficient community appealed to those who were not willing to conform. I get it. I have always like the idea of living in an intentional community. But if you read the history, all of those societies eventually failed! They couldn’t get everything they needed within their little community and were forced to trade with others, i.e. capitalism. Look closely at the current socialist hawkers. Few of them have children. They have no right to tell the rest of us how to live when they can’t even raise a family!

Change is hard for some of us. We like things to stay the same. But that is not how the world works. You can’t stop progress, but you can work to make to sure it does not destroy us. That is what Conservatives do. They try to protect the foundational structures that keep a society stable and prosperous. We all need to participate in our communities because that is what keeps them from deteriorating. And we can learn to adapt to changes while still remaining true to ourselves. Find likeminded people and build networks within the wider world. Religious groups and tribes have always traded with other groups while staying relatively exclusive.

Utopia is a state of mind. Submit yourselves to God and you will find the peace you seek, even if you live in a crowded city, a small town, or even in prison. God offers you freedom in Jesus Christ. You won’t find it in anarchy or communism or any other social experiment. Even the religious communes eventually fall prey to human nature’s failure to submit to God, which is what we call pride.

I look forward to utopia, also known as the kingdom of God that will come when Jesus returns. I will get to live in harmony with God and his family of believers. But for now, I experience God’s peace in my own community, my church, and in own mind, because I know that He is with me and that He is going to judge the unjust. My job is to love God and love others. I can do this wherever I am. I don’t need a commune or utopia or any other special place. And neither do you. Seek God and find peace.

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  1. I hate to be a stereotypical Christian quoting CS Lewis, but…this is apropos: “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

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