Why Fairness is Bad For Everyone

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

Listening to President Biden go on last night in the State of the Union Address about making things fair was very disturbing. You know who talks like that? Children, Communists, and Socialists!

How many of us boomers grew up being told at least once a week by an adult that “Life’s not fair.” when we would complain that someone got a better deal than us? In most cases we wanted things to be better for us, not really ‘fair’. We were mad that we didn’t get what they got. We were envious. But in some cases it was true that a situation was not fair and we were getting the short end of the stick. But we didn’t understand that in a free society, there will be good and bad. As immature children, we wanted utopia now. But adults knew that utopia was not real. Until now.

Now we have our own government pretending to the public that they can create a ‘fair’ world by using laws that set quotas for hiring, preferential treatment for certain groups, subsidies for businesses, a progressive tax rate, and price controls. Except that we have tried this in the past and it has been disastrous every time! I shudder to think what will happen if today’s Democrats actually implement another Nixon economic plan. But I am hoping they are not that stupid.

In the real world competition is a natural and good thing. In the past we let kids build a social hierarchy because we knew that was how it works in the real world. It’s good to have two or more political parties, unless they are actually all the same. It’s good to have sports teams. It’s good to compete for a higher paying job. When we try to eliminate unfairness, we are really eliminating competition. And that is only good for the people who already have the money and power, and weapons, to stay on top.

 To cure mild inflation, he imposed harmful wage-price controls. That move bypassed America’s free-market economy. Even worse, Nixon ended the gold standard that tied the dollar’s value to gold. 

This move created a decade of stagflation. It was only cured by double-digit interest rates, causing the devastating 1981 recession. Ending the gold standard permitted the U.S. government to print dollars to solve every economic woe. That ensured the dollar’s value would fall indefinitely. 


While many people think that big business is the opposite of big government, and therefore the enemy in the minds of many the truth is that they are working together to build a government funded corporate fascist economy that is replacing free market capitalism. This will eliminate any real competition because who will be able to compete with businesses that have unlimited and unaccountable government dollars? According to the article below, Lyndon Johnson, a leftist big government guy if there ever was one, was supported by Wall Street and bankers. Hippies are now supporting ‘the man’.

Today’s hippies don’t seem to realize that they have been duped into supporting fascism. Subsidies and grants are the order of the day now. The current multi-trillion dollar inflation reduction act will definitely have lasting and wide effects, in a bad way, just like Nixon and Johnson’s policies. The only way to remedy that will be more trillion dollar acts. Politicians don’t care about your future, they just want to get re-elected.

Why is insulin so expensive, for example? Because our government made it that way with it’s multiple interventions in health insurance, complex pricing schemes that benefit multiple players, and drug regulation. And now they are going to fix it? For more on how it got so expensive, go here. https://www.heritage.org/health-care-reform/heritage-explains/why-government-price-controls-wont-fix-the-cost-insulin

And on September 3 [1964] a group of corporate leaders met in the White House to organize a business committee for Johnson’s re-election. Its forty-five founding members included Henry Ford II, Edgar Kaiser of Kaiser Aluminum, Joseph Block of Inland Steel, two members of Eisenhower’s Cabinet, and several New York bankers. Corporate liberalism paid big dividends for the Democrats at last.[9]


Boomer liberals and college students who want ‘fairness’ do not understand economics or human nature. The only thing fair is laws prohibiting illegal activities such as discrimination, insider trading, monopolies, and slavery. After that we are expected to work, contribute to society, and the ones who are more ambitious and willing to take risks will rise to the top, while the average will stay in the middle. There will always be people who start at the bottom. In America, under free market capitalism, there was a chance for those people to move up by leaps and bounds. But with corporate/government control over every industry, the barriers are increased. Today’s Gen Z are hindered with the Woke movement’s identity politics at every turn. Fairness is gone. Let them compete and may the best man or woman win!

But fairness assumes something that is not true: that everyone is the same. The reality is that we are different. But philosophers and college professors who get paid to think and talk but have no need to compete in the real world have taken over the minds of the left and the media reflects that fantasy. They have convinced students that sameness is natural. They are taught there is no gender. There is no separation between God and humans. Humans are animals. Being is the same as doing. Language has no actual meaning and can be changed at will. All workers should receive equal pay even if some just hide in the back room and scroll their phones while others do the actual work. Housing, medical care, and money are now considered ‘rights’ for all, not something you earn by working. However, society cannot continue to exist for long if everyone loses touch with reality.

When the world gets very prosperous and kids lack purpose and meaning, they think like this.

So when your child or adult friend starts complaining about inflation, please tell them that price controls and taxing the rich has already been tried and actually made things worse for the middle class and poor. History matters! Fair is how mothers treat their children so they know she loves all of them. It is not how the rest of the world works. Fair is poverty for the many and riches for a few. Let’s not go there.



  1. Sheriff Andy Taylor to Barney Fife: “What if there really ISN’T a government conspiracy and the people we elected really ARE that dumb??!!”
    Sooo sad.
    He said, “You go to the free clinic and get our government funded prescriptions and birth control pills. I’ll pick up the WIC groceries at the food pantry and go by the Salvation Army for some new free clothes, and then you go by the Welfare Center to get our rent check and social security and we’ll meet up at the soup kitchen before going to the protest at the corporate headquarters to scream obscenities at the greedy capitalists!”

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