The Reign of Terror by Foolish Women

The problem with revolutionaries is they never quit. People who fervently believe they are in the right and being wronged are highly motivated and determined. And when they find others like them and organize, they can bring great destruction for their cause.

The Reign of Terror was a period after the French Revolution when thousands of people were executed and imprisoned where they were left to die, and others lost their homes and jobs and status when revolutionary ideas were allowed to flourish and take hold. The whole world was captured by this revolutionary spirit and changed by it through violence and force. I propose that a similar spirit of the same genesis is threatening our peace and way of life today.

The claims of these new revolutionaries are the same: the current order of things is unfair and we know a better way. But their way, the chaos of Marxism, has been proven not to be good for anyone.

God brought order into the world and created man and gave him the job of stewardship over the world. The devil has been trying to destroy the world and man ever since and he uses people to act out his schemes. And women are often eager to sign up for the job. Rosi Braidotti, Francesca Ferrando, Kimberle Crenshaw, Nikole Hannah Jones, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are just a few of the foolish women who have been deceived by the serpent, just like Eve.

Like the woman in Proverbs 14:1, they are tearing down the house built upon laws of God and nature and encouraging other women to do the same. Each one has her preferred focus, but all of them share the same root: rebellion against God’s authority, His laws, and His expectations.

Specifically they are rejecting biological facts of the existence of male and female differences, embracing the belief that man is an animal rather than a separate creature made in the image of God, and seeking to destroy truth by radically changing all of our existing institutions from the inside. Whether they are aware of it or not, Marxist pedagogy is running through all of these philosophies and movements that are being taught in schools and colleges and every place they can find an audience. However the fear of being cancelled has silenced criticisms of these radicals, except for a few brave parents.

Conservatives used to worry about the dangers of the age of reason, humanism, atheism, secularism, and an over-reliance on science and technology. Now we must fight the philosophy of posthumanism which teaches that the human should not be considered the center of or ruler of the world and that reason is oppressive. These people want to completely remake the world which includes eliminating basic ideas about reality. This new philosophy claims to seek to level the playing field for all humans, nonhumans, and more than humans, whatever that means. Rather than reason, it wants to use imagination and emotions to create reality .

One method used by activists to affect change is by “problematizing” various traditions and norms of society in order to remake them to suit their preferences . The extreme result of this way of thinking is that EVERYTHING becomes a problem to them. Another tactic is using ‘speculative fiction’ to implant ideas and create emotional chaos. The rest of the world doesn’t always take them seriously, but they have actually been quite successful at weakening all types of human relationships using divisive teachings, cancel culture and political power. The arguments over unisex bathrooms were test cases. Now they are performing radical surgery on children. Changing the language through redefining words and creating new ones enables them to confuse and disrupt and prevent production discussions. Resolution is not the goal, revolution is.

I don’t know if posthumanism will gain much steam if it is expressed in these terms, but it has already caught on as the alternate idea of ‘climate justice’. They cannot be transparent about their anti-men, anti-family, anti-Capitalism, anti-institutional goals without catching more negative attention. However, these messages are subtly taught in every form of media, including school curriculum meant for young children. They have nearly ruined the movie industry.

What is sure is that women doing foolish things is nothing new. Eve was the first woman to be tricked into self-destruction by the devil, and she won’t be the last. The Bible includes many stories of faithful, godly women, but also many others of women who took matters into their own hands, rebelled against God’s authority, schemed to get their way, and persistently worshipped false gods and goddesses.

And there are also many stories of men failing to protect women, starting with Adam in the garden. Men’s guilt in allowing, encouraging, and praising foolish women must not be overlooked. The Bible teaches that Eve was deceived, but Adam sinned. However, they both, (and all of us) suffered the consequences of disobedience. God warned the men of Israel not to associate with the pagan women because they would lead them into sin and idolatry. Posthumanism is paganism.

We are this point in history because of the sins of both men and women. Men abused and neglected women. Women sought to remedy this situation by becoming politically active. Some change was needed to protect women and children. However, the women’s rights movement has led to women controlling education, taking over churches, acting in government whether qualified or not, and even trying to change biological facts. Obviously not ALL women approve of this trend. I am a woman myself. I know many women who respect God, honor their husbands, love their children, and are smart, creative, strong, etc., etc. And many good men, as well. But the radical feminists are not satisfied with what has been achieved and have moved on to much more radical theories and goals.

This is a Satanic movement, largely being carried by women and aided by the men who agree with them. Ultimately they desire to be gods, which includes creating and destroying life.

It is critical for us older folks to recognize that the feminism of the past has morphed into a whole different beast. So if you say you support feminism, make sure you know which brand you are supporting. Although one could say that the egg of the current beast was already in the ovary of the first feminist movement and has been fertilized by the spirit of radical Marxist intellectuals. The current radicals are not only focused on women’s rights, but on ongoing revolution against what is seen as oppression by power, namely White, male, Capitalists, and sometimes Jews. The other religions and all of truth and even the existence of a knowable reality are also under attack by what is fundamentally a power struggle, a supernatural war between the powers of good versus evil. Pray for your enemies.

I wrote this article to draw attention to the fact that this destructive movement (which is greatly aided by Gender Studies courses being taught worldwide) is much more pervasive, powerful, and determined than we might think. It may seem like multiple and varied groups, but under them all is a very dangerous, growing, and deeply rooted hatred of God and rebellion against Him. This is not just a symbolic threat. The definition of life and humanity and our future as a strong and free nation are under attack.

Although I focused mostly on the foolish women, there is plenty of blame for the men who actively or passively enable them. And we must also ask ourselves if we are doing them same. Are we going along with lies to avoid conflict, or even aggressively supporting movements and policies and celebrities who advocate for the destruction of reality, knowledge, and the stabilizing institutions of our society through focusing only on its negative parts ? Are we paying for our child to take college courses where these Marxists can damage their minds and steal their peace ?

Is the world so messed up that we are going to allow foolish women tear down the house completely? It’s time to put the guards around the house. Christians, especially men, need to return to the base, shore up the defenses, and go on the offensive with prayer. Women need to protect their children. Our leaders need to purge the institutions of the evil within. If we don’t do stop them, these Satanically-influenced philosophers and activists will lead us into the next bloody cultural revolution.


  1. My sister-in-law, a respected judge in a major city, commented sadly after the “Women’s March” that twenty years of progress for women had been undone in a few hours.
    A commentator pointed out recently that feminists insist being born male makes a person automatically toxic and misogynistic, and at the same time they’ll argue that there’s no difference between male and female. Can’t have it both ways.

    • I feel bad labeling them as feminists because I know they’re very different than most women . I believe these people, the ones pushing these destructive agendas have one goal , chaos and radical change a la Marx, and most old school feminists that I know just wanted equal pay for equal work.

  2. Yes, there are many foolish women, but I can’t forget that Marx himself was a man, and the majority of historical American Marxists were also men. Men are just as prone to be deceived by foolish and destructive philosophies. Of course, Affirmative Action being what it is, it will boost foolish women because it’s not a merit based system. It raises up people who are not the best thinkers and applauds them for “succeeding”. Greta Thunberg is not part of our American system, but if she were, she would probably have a spot at Yale.

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