Ponderings and A Baby Chick

As the population ages and the cost of housing outpaces a large segment of society ,will we see a return to grandma and grandpa living in the same house with their adult children and grandchildren and maybe even grandchildren? Will elderly people who don’t have children move into each other’s houses to save money and take care of each other?

He recently saw a TikTok in which an early education teacher argued that teachers should not be saying “good morning, boys and girls,” because it “hyper-centers their gender identities,” he explains. (A better greeting is “good morning, learners” –– or scholars, or students.)”

I read the above quote and I asked myself WHY would a teacher attempt to “degender” language instead of speaking normally? What is their intention? What will happen to children who do not understand that God made them male and female? I came to the conclusion that they will become extremely mentally ill and probably self-destructive and angry. Then I Googled the word ‘degender’ and I felt sick.

What really happened and what was it like to witness the great collapse of the Bronze Age? If the Sea Peoples were responsible for the fires, why did they do it and where did they go after that?

How many people actually think performing surgery on children to change their bodies is a ‘good idea’? How many believe that being ‘non-binary’ is possible and not a mental illness? I have a feeling it is a very small number for both, but I could be wrong.

If the housing crash hadn’t happened, would Madoff’s Ponzi scheme still be alive? Did he really think he would never get caught? How many other Ponzis are happening right now? Is our financial system one big Ponzi?

How did they build the ancient Cathedrals without heavy equipment and power tools? Why are the doors so big? How did they move those giant stones and cut them so intricately?

New life!


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