2022 Year in Review in Pictures

2022 was a year of fire thanks to droughts and a careless cook. John made the fire pit.
It was a year of watching a lot of Netflix series, including the Black List, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, and Manifest.
My church life grew and developed as I made friends and committed myself to regular attendance.
I watched my youngest grow up. That included him getting a job, his drivers license and becoming more independent.
I tried to regain my fitness after Covid and went back to the trails, but that was interrupted by a fall and injury in July .
I started making YouTube videos of my husband doing projects and I continued my podcasting.
We tried our hand at gardening. The chickens enjoyed the spinach. The summer garden burned up after only a few weeks of harvest.
We took a family vacation at a wonderful VRBO.
I bought more chickens when inflation started looking worse.
John bought his dream car.
The grass dried up from the drought.
I went back to Moab.
I spent a lot of time here.
Watched the Astros win the World Series with my mom.
Took a road trip to Dallas with my mom.
Took care of Grace when she was feeling bad, but thankfully she was mostly healthy.
Enjoying the sun.
Had a very cold Christmas week.
Had a wonderful time on Christmas with my family.

All of these experiences helped draw me closer to God. The most important part of this year was the deepening of my faith. I had a lot of anxiety over various situations, but “I didn’t die!”. God carried me through it all. I’m looking forward to seeing what He has planned for 2023 !


  1. loved the pictures. Excited your hubby was able to get his dream car. Several years ago, my wife gave me her blessing to get a bike…something I’d wanted but could never afford.

    • Glad to hear that! Do you ride it much? We could’ve used the money for the Chevy on something else, but at our age, we have to be careful about putting things off. 😀 Happy New Year!

      • I sold it a few years ago. It was fun while I had it, but so many deer/ motorcycle accidents around here. I didn’t want to end up in a wheel chair.

  2. Wow I totally enjoyed your album Paula! When I was little, my cousin and I would drag out all the pictures and sit for hours. Seeing yours was like that. So nice. Thanks for sharing!

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