False Accusers: Election 2022 is Tomorrow!

Please do your civic duty by voting tomorrow.

The Democrats are going nuts. They will literally say anything to keep from getting voted out and the media will happily report their claims. Our president used his power to give a campaign speech last week in which he rambled on and on claiming that anyone who doesn’t vote Democrat is a DANGER TO DEMOCRACY! Be afraid!

John says it much better than I can, so please check out his funny, but true, post. https://wilderwealthywise.com/civil-war-2-0-weather-report-midterms-edition/

It’s obvious by their dramatic warnings and false accusations against HALF of the country that they are very afraid of losing their ability to finish destroying America.

“We need more time, civil war hasn’t started yet!” “Not fair, we have children left that aren’t gender confused!” “You can’t kick us out, inflation hasn’t reached 20% yet!” “We refuse to leave until everyone is vaccinated and sick!”

So please, get out and vote. Not because their definition of democracy depends on it, rather because you do not agree with the Democrat’s economy-crashing, society-dividing, morals-bending policies. If you believe that freedom of speech and freedom of thought and free markets and medical freedom and peace and safety and virtue matter, then get out and vote Republican. Democrats have abandoned all of those things.

And pray for our nation. God help us!


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