“Awake, but Not Woke”: Noelle Mering


Photo by KMohun Photography

This is one of the best podcasts I’ve heard on the subject of ‘wokeism’ or the critical theory, or Marxist movement. They are all one and the same ideology. Noelle Mering is the author of Awake, Not Woke: A Christian Reponse to The Cult of Progressive Ideology. Along with being a fellow at the Washington D.C. based think tank, the Ethics and Public Policy Center, she is an editor for the website Theology of Home, as well as a mother of six children. I look forward to hearing more from her .

Summary: Wokeism is Marxism and it’s a real threat to humanity and American freedom and democracy, (unlike the threat that Joe Biden claimed that Trump voters represent). The woke movement does not allow differing opinions and uses intimidation to silence anyone who recognizes the harm in their agenda. Indeed, the ultimate goal is not to help people, but to create chaos and revolution. The gender confusion agenda has a real purpose, to bring about revolution by hurting children and destroying innocence. Racism is actually lessening in this country. But economic revolution cannot happen in a peaceful society. Mering acknowledges that oppression of various kinds exists. The problem, she says, is that people have lost the ability to think for themselves and the courage to resist tyranny. I loved her comments on men and women.

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