Biden’s America First Policies

Biden is continuing Trump’s America First plan. Does this mean he’s admitting Trump was right? Or does it mean Biden is just holding his cards until after the election? President Joe Biden’s protectionist trade policies are in open conflict with the rest of his domestic and foreign-policy agenda. In the name of slogans like “Buy American,” the administration is making it even harder to address climate change, inflation, poverty, and the erosion of America’s global standing.” Anne O. Krueger

white water boat
Photo by Julius Silver on

One comment

  1. Likely the gas prices that are coming down, some politicians have some oil execs in their pockets… till after the election. The same with anything Trumpian.
    And from the ridiculous to the absurd, why does that container ship remind me of Clifford, the Big Red Dog? 😁
    ❤️& 🙏, c.a.

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