Country Critters

A typical morning around these parts includes cats, dogs, chickens, and sometimes hummingbirds. Hope you enjoy this short video!


  1. OMIGOSH! I love your chickens especially the rooster. I raised chickens when i still lived in Illinois and most of them were Bantam, but I had one really big Rhode Island Red rooster his name was Sweets because I hand raised him from a chick and even after he was full grown he still wanted in my lap. He hated my neighbors though and would chase them out of the yard so they would carry a broom to swat him when he got too frisky. I really miss my chickens and especially that rooster. I am still trying to convince my man we need to move out to the edge of town, but he is a city raised man and it scares him a little I think. I might convince him yet though since it is much more peaceful not hearing sirens screaming down the street 6 times a day and several times a night. We live less than a two blocks from the the police station, fire, and EMT it is a noisy place to live.

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