Biden’s New State Religion: “Democracy”

Sinners in the hands of an angry Biden

Biden gave an emotional sermon from the state pulpit this week with ominous red background lighting, a serious, frowning face, and ended with raised fists. It was so overly dramatic that I am surprised there was no CGI thunder and lightning.

He made dubious claims that America’s democracy is under threat by certain people who want to use violence and insurrection because they didn’t win. Then he claimed that these people want to keep other people from voting. Personally I don’t know anyone like this. I think that’s probably Russian misinformation.

America is in danger from many threats, but not from people who want to “make America great again”. The fact that the democrats are being so over the top only shows how afraid they are of losing the fast approaching election because of the current mood of the country.

The biggest threat to peace and prosperity in any country is a loss of confidence and faith in the government. The current mood in America is very unstable due to too many years of political battles , then Covid, and now inflation. Extremism is a symptom of economic instability.

The tenets of the Biden religion sound an awful lot like Marxism.

After he ranted about the dangers of MAGA , he started saying that America is already great and that certain people just can’t see it. He said “I believe that America is about to take off” but only if we work together. He listed all the “great” legislation the democrats have passed recently.

After this he went on to praise all the previous huge progressive programs from Democrat presidents that have gotten us into the economic mess we’re in.

Biden used the words “I believe” a lot along with his socialist goals for America. No mention of the traditional values, free markets, capitalism, individual effort, or privately owned businesses that made America great.

What Biden calls democracy is actually an economic system based on income redistribution through taxes and control through regulations. This is the European system that is currently failing very badly.

Divide and conquer

Biden was using his power to stoke the flames of division (again!) between left and right voters. Oh sure, he started off claiming he wants unity, but then he went on to hurl unfounded accusations against a threat that doesn’t even exist.

The real threat is an out of control government that makes decrees like a king and spends the people’s money like it’s theirs. That’s not democracy. All of the things Biden bragged about doing have increased the government’s power , taxes, and debt which enslaves the people.

There is no real threat from the MAGA movement. MAGA voters are simply people from all walks of life who want to save America from socialism and bankruptcy and protect their children from communist ideology. They are afraid of losing everything they’ve worked for to taxes and recession and losing their freedom of speech and everything else.

They’re upset that their children are being indoctrinated into a religion they don’t believe in when they send them to public school. They are tired of their government NOT representing them.

Freedom versus “democracy”

The real problem is that Americans do have different opinions about how they want to live. It’s a difference between valuing personal choice versus trusting government and government paid experts to make our choices for us.

Those of us who understand economics and history can see that the left’s plans are dangerous and, to use one of their favorite words, unsustainable.

The real danger is the acceleration into global socialism disguised as public private partnerships and health security and the energy transition. This is better known as corporatism, the merging of multinational corporations with government funding. And the danger is real because people don’t know enough about the economy and how global powers are struggling for dominance. This isn’t just a national issue.

The real issue is that the country is divided on America’s foundational moral and philosophical beliefs. Socialist democrats want to create a new system. Actually it’s been in the works for a long time but they want to finally come out of the closet. They want to finally admit that the state is their god.

Yes, we must save democracy, old-fashioned democracy that means government by the people.

Democracy allows for personal economic freedom and freedom of religion. We can start by voting the democrats out and finish by voting out the corporatists who feed themselves off taxpayers money.


  1. Yes, I noted he used terminology like “America was built on the rock of democracy’, and “we have to have faith in democracy.” Religious language for sure. And what a depressing religion it is.

  2. It continues to amaze me that rioters in the west coast cities of Portland, Seattle, and LA were and are given a free pass for conspicuous RIOTs, while people walking through the Capital building, though illegally doing so, and smiling at cameras and shaking hands with CP officers are constantly referred to as “insurrectionists.”
    “A lie told once remains a lie, but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.” Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda

    • I think (based on things they said ) that they were counting on the public caring more about that January event. But inflation way overshadowed it. So they’re trying hard to stir up fear and outrage , such as his latest speech .

  3. Many thanks for your post. What surprises me is how many people online seem to think Biden’s speech was any good. After over 1.5 years of incompetence following on from a lackluster campaign which I can see from the UK, they are what I call the terminally dim.

    On the bright side they do expose themselves for the nasty (or Nazi) intolerant bigots that they really are, worshiping the state as jilldomschot above in the comments says.

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