Destroying Our Health and the Planet through Science

The Price of Trusting the Science : Monsanto S2E32 Blue Skies and Green Pastures with Paula Adams

Monsanto has an over one hundred year history in the chemical industry. They have produced products used in food, farming, weapons, and pharmaceuticals . Many of the products they’ve sold have ended up being banned later. Can we really ‘trust the science’ not to destroy our health and planet for profits? They have also created a business model that has trapped farmers into using their seeds and creates dangers to the food supply. 

Just a few now-banned or known to be harmful products:

  • DDT
  • PCBs
  • Agent Orange
  • Saccharin
  • Artificial vanilla
  • Synthetic caffeine
  • Round Up herbicide
  • Pesticides
  • GMO crops
  • GMO seeds

Here’s an informative video I found after I recorded this podcast.  

Risks of Round Up

Bayer and the bees video

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  1. The term “follow the science” gets thrown around a lot these days. But “science” gets it wrong sometimes, through false assumptions (Assumptions are VERY UNscientific!), taking shortcuts, and not testing enough before releasing a product to the public. As a relative of mine said, “Anymore, you HAVE to pray over your food before eating.” 😉

    • Not really, just be prudent with its use. P.S. I do NOT work for Monsanto, Bayer or any other chemical company, but I have read extensively the literature. I still use Round Up on weeds in my driveway and persistent weed trees next to a house where the roots will damage the foundation.

  2. A lot of the “trust the science” nonsense we have now is a direct legacy of WW2. The war effort contributed to a massive buildup in chemicals to be used in manufacturing and weapons (and there was a lot of money at stake in keeping that going). After the war ended, that was a lot of inventory, plants, and employees who suddenly had no purpose. The war machine was quickly transformed into “improving” domestic industries with all the (nasty) chemicals they had in stock.

    This is largely how industrial agriculture was born – with the cycle of nuking the ground with chemical herbicides and pesticides, then fertilizing it with chemical (as opposed to organic) fertilizers – to the point that you had dirt instead of soil that wasn’t good for growing anything without the chemical cloud permanently lingering over it. Then they got into genetically modifying crops to max out a chemical agricultural system and render surrounding farmland useless without joining the chemical club.

    The wartime industry of creating rations for millions of servicemen globally morphed into the middle aisles of the grocery store (“processed food”). There was a viral marketing campaign trying to convince housewives that they were too “busy” to cook real food for their families. (This became easier with the rise of feminism; in many ways, corporations produced the feminist movement to create a new target market.) Here are a thousand recipes involving canned soups, gelatin, and various other premade products. Nothing you could do as a woman would compare to the perfection that is Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup, useful for a million time-saving casseroles. The battlefield hospital gave way to the mental health industry and Big Pharma. Now everyone had depression. Now everyone had high blood pressure. Being sick in some profitable way was a quintessential American trait.

    The Baby Boomer generation was the first generation to grow up with this logic from the cradle, much the same as Generation Z was born with a smartphone in hand. They were the first generation to grow up with massive rates of heart disease and cancer, and rather than question the postwar industrial paradigm, they needed the same industry to manage their symptoms, which are regarded now as a fact of living rather than a cultural problem. Now if you watch any TV program with a Boomer audience, the ads are almost entirely pharmaceuticals, something their own parents would have never understood. The solution to antisocial science is more antisocial science – how dare you question the authorities that have given us so many modern conveniences, so much “knowledge.” WW2 was nearly a century ago now, and we are still carrying its pseudointellectual baggage around with us. It’s pathetic.

    This is a fun book on the topic

    • Excellent summary and that is what one of the videos I linked said, as well, about Monsanto going from the war into agriculture. I don’t know what’s wrong with those of us who just can’t support all this ‘progress’!

  3. From my reading, I have concluded the Round Up scare was just that: another “Be AFRAID” moment for lawyers and government agencies. As with any chemical or process, MODERATION is the key, but of course on “industrial farms” and with genetically modified glyphosate-resistant plants, rental farms do NOT use moderation, but maximization.
    Round Up is probably about comparable to the safety of aspirin to use. But just as you would be careful taking aspirin, one should be careful using glyphosate. The comparison to NaCl, table salt, is embarrassing! 🙄 It is NOT that safe; don’t go sprinkling it on your food! But as to that, salt should be used in moderation as well.
    The best route is to go back to old-style family farms with normal seeds. Standardizing seeds around the world is also bad for biodiversity and will reduce human health and longevity. But then, who wants to live past 90 anyway?
    The article on RNA -weed-control IS scary! Didn’t they learn anything from mRNA “vaccines” (which are actually gene therapy). The more we mess with the way Father made the seeds, the more we risk our well-being.
    That said, we have the assurance from Scripture that “while the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.” (Genesis 8:22)
    The “global warming” alarmists are as far off base with this fearmongering as they were in the 1970s with warnings about the “inevitable coming ice age!” (See my blog tomorrow, as this is what it will be about. 😉)
    A key consideration is how governments and media play to the FEARS of the people.
    “If you don’t elect our candidate, our opponent will condemn you to hell on earth.”
    “You MUST get another “vaccine” against covid, since our fearmongering about flu didn’t work.”
    Wait till you read Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’ prediction about climate change❗ 😂 (In tomorrow’s blog, also.)

    Bottom line,
    ❤️& 🙏, c.a.

    • Plenty to be alarmed about, but not global warming. Lol. But yes, trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not on thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He will direct thy paths. 🙂

  4. Companies like Monsanto and Dupont are frightening because they want to control the world’s food supply with patented seeds that take over native varieties. That’s why nations that rely on native crops, like Italy and Mexico, have been very hesitant to allow GM crops. Mexico recently also banned glyphosates. Glyphosates are correlated with leaky gut syndrome, which is correlated with the rise in food allergies. On a personal level, when my neighbors spray with glyphosates, I break out in hives all over, and I sorely wish they would be less lazy. I see 80-yr-old women outside with their knee pads pulling weeds by hand and younger people dousing their “xeriscaped” pile of rocks with Roundup. It’s completely absurd how lazy people are. I don’t know how broadly dangerous Roundup is, but I do not trust scientific studies because there’s too much money that crosses palms.

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