The Truthers Set Me Free

I haven’t always been a red-pilled realist who questions and doubts everything I see in mainstream media. It’s only thanks to the work of internet ‘truthers’ that I have lost nearly all faith in our federal government and no longer believe the narrative I was taught in American history class. But knowing the truth about the world and American history has set me free from illusions, prejudices, unrealistic expectations, and false beliefs that kept me from fully loving God and people.

As a child I was taught that Columbus was a hero, that wars were about protecting freedom, that America was the land of opportunity, and that if you worked hard and were a good person , you would have a nice middle class life. I’ve since learned that there were some details left out in my history books and that America’s government has changed a lot since the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution .

A lot of what I learned was shocking and upsetting, but it was necessary. My mind had to be transformed by the truth. I discovered that racism was worse than I thought, that it’s very hard to escape poverty, and that bankers play a much bigger role in the world than I ever knew. I also discovered that the two-party system is a facade for an out of control government.

I still believe that America is overall the best country for freedom. However, since being exposed to alternative media, and actual historical facts, I’m much more aware of the ways that America became so rich and powerful and of the role that media played. And that freedom is at risk.

But the good news is that I have come full circle to no longer being shocked when I uncover lies and schemes and to believing once again that most people are decent humans who just want to live their lives in peace. It’s not the public that’s evil, for the most part, they are simply easily manipulated by the truly evil ones behind the scenes. The media is extremely powerful and governments have spent much time and money on figuring out how to control us from birth to death.

I actually love my fellow man more now that I am not so blind to the evil in the world. I think more like a global citizen and Christian than just a patriotic American in that I understand how the good life I lead is thanks to the ideas and work of people all over the world. This is also thanks to the internet.

And my faith in God is stronger than ever. The clearer my understanding of history and current events has become, the more I believe that what the Bible teaches about evil is literal and true. I’m free from false notions I picked up in my youth that the government is going to take care of me. My faith is in God, not man.

Some liberating truths:

1. Some people are afraid of the One World Government, but we have been living in different iterations of the New World Order for a long time. But keeping control of this NWO is an ongoing project. Media and propaganda are tools of social control and mind control.

2. Despite technological advances, the world itself and humans are deteriorating. DNA damage and environmental damage are increasing. Humans are becoming mentally and physically dependent on technology. Replacing human government with artificial intelligence is well under way. This AI system will enable total societal control in the future when it is fully implemented and connected to the smart grid.

3. Good ideas and good people usually get corrupted when money gets involved. The most noble intentions often have terrible unintended effects. What starts out as a program to help people always ends up going on too long, costing too much and making the wrong people richer .

4. Truly free markets are no longer a thing. America has a planned and controlled economy. Recessions are caused by market interventions and greed. Globalization changed everything and multinational corporations and banks make the real decisions.

5. A few people will lie and do unimaginable evil for money and power, or because they think they are better than other people. Also see Destroying Our Health and the Planet through Science.

It was nice living in a naive and idealistic fantasy world, but I prefer to be awake to what’s happening. When I believed the narratives I was less concerned with other people. I believed the myths of “pulling oneself up by the bootstraps.” I had no idea of the amount of suffering in the world.

Now I understand why it’s so important for Christians to stay separate from the world system yet do all we can to share God’s love and help each other. It’s not my job to judge sinners. The important thing is to keep loving God and loving people until the end. I can look for the good and be thankful for it and trust that God is still in control.


  1. My favorite is hearing people’s ‘never’ or ‘always’ -type statements: there’s no fraud, no bias, no tampering, etc. Of course there’s corruption. Every rumor has a grain of truth and you shouldn’t assume no fallibility.

  2. “Columbus was a hero, wars were about protecting freedom, that America was the land of opportunity.” These statements are true, regardless of the rewriting of American history by the leftists and globalists. Of course, Columbus was a sinner saved by grace, and not perfect; there were others involved in our wars whose motives were evil or mixed, but “America’s” goals in our wars was always about extending the freedoms we enjoy; and the USA remains the “land of opportunity” or people would not still be trying to get here by hook or crook. One of the many lies of the globalists is that we should be the “land of equal outcomes” rather than the “land of equal opportunities.”
    Of course, all of this is rapidly changing and the final chapters of human history in this world are about to play out under Father’s timetable, regardless of who we elect to our school boards or presidency.
    “I am only a most unworthy sinner, but ever since I have cried out for grace and mercy from the Lord, they have covered me completely. I have found the most delightful comfort in making it my whole aim in life to enjoy his marvelous presence.” (Christopher Columbus)
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

    • For me the revelation was that it wasn’t all so black and white . People are very prone to pursuing their own best interests even when they claim to love God. And people who think certain groups are less than human are prone to subjugate those people. Like the people who plan to subjugate the rest of us to digital control for their gain. They think they’re in the right .

      • There is a line in the movie, “The Green Book”, that has resonated with me over and over: “Life is complicated”.

        We do have heroes. Each, except Christ, are flawed; sometimes from the start, sometimes after a while. Character matters. And this aspect of a person’s makeup should be taken into consideration before either admiring or dismissing them.

  3. We have a difficult time putting ourselves in the shoes of others. We also have a difficult time seeing ourselves as we are. That is one reason why it is important to study history with the understanding that we are studying what people just like us once did.

    Consider an example. Liberal Democrats want us to condemn the founders because some of founders owned slaves. They act as if slavery was invented in America, but slavery predates America by an unknown number of millennia. Moreover, slavery still exists, even in America. Human trafficking is an old sin, and that sin is committed in America today.

    Why did white Southerners own black slaves? They had grown up with slavery. Slaves and slavery were a fact of life. Many Southerners, as they reached maturity, undoubtedly understood in their hearts that slavery is wrong, but they did what all of us do. They rationalized their sin, and they succeeded to such a huge extent that the South fought the North tooth and nail to keep blacks enslaved. Even after the Civil War Southern states fought to reduce blacks to a subclass and to keep them on plantations working for a pittance. That is why so many blacks move out of the South to other states. Unfortunately, wherever they went they were treated little better.

    The Problem was never the South. The Problem resides in the human heart.

    There but for the grace of God, go I. — John Bradford (1510–1555)

    We are not better than those who proceeded us. At best we just have the advantage of a better perspective. We can learn from those who preceded us if we care enough to study what they have left us..

    If we have any sense, we will teach our children to study what we do today with empathy, to forgive us both for our mistakes and our sins. However, we can only do that if we forgive those who proceeded us for their mistakes and their sins.

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