How Much Liquid Laundry Detergent Do You Need?

Are you using too much liquid laundry detergent? Do you just fill up the cap or even pour it directly into washing machine? You may be using more than you need and costing yourself money. Today’s laundry detergent has less water added to it, therefore you can use a smaller amount per load.

The markings inside the cap are difficult to see. The instructions are actually printed on the bottle, but the common assumption is that you should fill up the cap. Most bottles have a large cap so if you fill up the cap you are using much more detergent than you need.

So next time, take a look at the bottle and the cap and check your load size if you want to save money on detergent.

Fill it up to below the rim for a large load. Moms and dads tell your kids! 😁


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