I’ll Never Do That!

Famous last words, eh? I just finished placing my order for groceries on my Walmart app on my iPhone, an exercise including three things I said I’d never do.

Photo by PhotoMIX Company on Pexels.com

I never wanted an smart phone. What do I need that for? The screen is so small! Who could possibly see the tiny print to read anything of value on that ! Then I got a Blackberry which I used for several years after I realized I did like looking at a tiny screen to read things. I resisted the iPhone because I hated Apple. But here I am, 4 or 5 iPhones later, part of the magic smartphone cult.

I thought apps were dumb and untrustworthy. What’s an app? I don’t like it, sounds new and different. I’ll stick to what I know, thank you very much, harrumph! Besides, someone will steal my banking information! But, c’mon, look at this! It’s fun, said my sister, try it! No, I don’t have time for fun! But wait, you mean some apps are actually practical and useful, then maybe I will take a look. Hmm, well, okay, I will use a few of them. How did I live without them!

I never wanted to buy groceries online. I like grocery shopping! It’s my time. I like to take a drive to town and listen to the radio, then browse Walmart and escape my routine for awhile. But, sigh, I got Covid and I couldn’t do that for awhile. I remembered that Walmart had an app. I made my first order and my sister picked it up. I still like shopping, but not as much. So I don’t use it every time and I still go to Walmart, but I do use the app. But I’m still not getting my groceries delivered!

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I can think of a few other things I never thought I’d do. Umm, gain back the 50 pounds I lost in 2011. Not there yet, but I have gained 20. Stop running and racing: that phase of life really only lasted for about 8 years and then it began to dwindle in importance. I still run and walk, but since I fell on July 4th, I’ve only been walking. Be okay with sitting at home a lot. I’ve always been on the go. Now I really don’t care if I stay home. Realize that it’s not my responsibility to save the world. Yep, I always felt like it was, but now I finally see that’s God’s job. It’s my job to love God and love my neighbor. Feeling responsible for everything actually made me more judgmental and less loving! Now I’m free. 🙂 Or maybe I’m just old. Either way, you do you and I’ll pray for both of us.

What about you? What things did you think you’d never do, but here you are?

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com


  1. I never thought I’d read other blogs! Seriously, when I started blogging it was all about me and my writing. I was missing out on the entire community aspect. AND missing out on great writers.

  2. LOL, I never thought I’d be a blogger. I had never READ one, much less written one. Then I was writing a book proposal following an outline the publisher had been kind enough to give me, and one of the parts was, “Tell about any blogs you have and how many followers you have for each one.” – Yikes! :/
    I never thought I’d order groceries by phone, either, and I probably won’t again. I tried twice, had to wait two days to pick them up, and when I did some things that were out of stock had been replaced by other things that I did NOT want. (Yes, I can tell the difference between coffee and decaf – especially at 3 in the morning.)

    • Oh, no, not decaf! I’ve actually had really good luck with my local Walmart, but I’m sure that’s not universal. Oh, I should have also written that I’d never use the Walmart self-check out of solidarity for workers, but since they rarely have more than two checkers, I use it a lot. And I am so glad you discovered blogging! 🙂

  3. Hmmm…making me think….I never thought I’d use an ereader. Never thought I’d get email on my phone. Never thought I’d have creaky knees and trouble standing

  4. Never thought I’d do Apple products after my new wife ordered a Mac back in 1984. Did not like the proprietary character of everything Apple; preferred the open access of PCs. But now, like you, several iPhones later, I use them, BUT still no banking, financial or personally dangerous info on it. A hacker will get bored looking for anything of use on my computers. Even my passwords are “stored” on paper! 🤠
    And WALMART!? Even though Sam was a good and godly man, his chain devolved after he died, and seeing “Walmart People” on memes, I avoid it like the plague. Not judgmental, just uncomfortable.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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