Start Blogging! How to Write and Publish Your First WordPress Blog Post with Block Editor

Are you a new WordPress blogger? Good for you! You will love it here. All of us were beginners once. WordPress uses a special type of formatting called Block editing. I find it handy and easy to use, at least I do now! At first I didn’t understand how it worked. Once I got the hang of it, I saw that it was much better than regular word processing applications. I thought I would share some of the basics for beginners in a video post.

The following is a video that demonstrates in a simple way how to create each of the block elements you see on this blog. The items you see below are not meant to be an actual coherent post. They are simply examples of blocks. Please comment below with any questions. Note: I do not work for WordPress.

After you finish writing your post, then what? You have a few things to do before you hit Publish. You need to choose Categories and Tags and other things. Watch the second video for more details on Post Settings.

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