Ouch! Wasn’t Expecting That on the 4th of July

It’s amazing how many things you do with both hands. You don’t realize until you injury a hand or arm or shoulder, which is what I did yesterday. I am able to type this but only after using my left hand to lift my right arm up to the keyboard because the muscle that lifts my arm is quite sore. I have been trying to use one hand, but I find that I need both hands for everything!

photo of the road
Photo by D0N MIL04K on Pexels.com

Yes, your not-so-young-anymore blogging friend took a tumble while running and did my usual superman fall of stretching out my arms and landing on my hands. Unfortunately I was running on gravel covered asphalt which doesn’t have much ‘give’ to it, and I was making a U-turn which meant that my right arm took a little more of the weight. My shoulder and arm were quite jammed by the impact. Thankfully I had my phone, which got slightly cracked but only in the glass screen protector, and I was able to call my husband who was home for the holiday. He came and picked me up in the golf cart because I was quite shaken and in pain.

He put me to bed and covered my arm with ice, gave me ibuprofen, and left the TV on to America’s Funniest Videos. After an hour or so the throbbing had lessened and I was able to get up and change clothes, but not without great difficulty. Removing a sweaty sports bra without lifting your am is not easy! I was happy to find that I had not broken anything because of my very ungraceful slam to the ground. The rest of the day I tried not to use my arm too much. My hands are a little scraped and bruised, but I am very thankful that I didn’t hit my face.

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This morning however my neck is quite sore and my arm is very stiff, as I expected. The pain is mostly at the rotator cuff, but of course it affects the lifting of the arm as well. So here I am, crippled, but still going.

Moral of the story: Pick up your feet! And never take your arms for granted because you need both of them.


  1. Ouch! I slammed to the ground a few months ago playing ping pong. The sole of my shoe got stuck in the wide grout of our patio tiles. I caught it all with my left hand too. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Oops, maybe I forgot to pray for you yesterday!!! So bad! My fault. Won’t happen again, but then your guardian angel should have been paying more attention! πŸ˜‰ (Hmm, I thought sure I prayed for you!)
    anyway, ❀️&πŸ™, c.a.

  3. Oh dear, I am sorry you got hurt! So far I know of two sprained ankles and a broken arm, so it must be going around.

    Not sure if this will help and of course the idea is to NOT cause pain, but sometimes for neck and rotator cuff issues, letting that arm hang down and gently swinging it like a monkey can help to relieve some inflammation. The idea is to just let the weight of your arm pull down ever so gently, so as to open up the nerves in your shoulder. I spend a lot of time in my house going around doing the monkey walk, just slightly bent over gently swinging my arms. πŸ™‚

  4. Paula, your description makes me think of the movie “Soul Surfer,” the true story of the surfer who lost an arm in a shark attack. I don’t know how the special effects people showed the one-armed surfer, but her struggle with simple things like tying her swimsuit was heart-wrenching.
    I’m glad you still have both arms, and I hope you mend fast!

    • Thanks! That was a very inspiring movie. I don’t like getting hurt but I always feel renewed compassion for others when I do, so that’s one benefit. πŸ˜€

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