Meet Suzanne C. Sherman: Freedom-lover and Survival Expert

I first became aware of Suzanne C. Sherman and her work from a Facebook podcasting group. Podcasters often listen to each other’s podcasts as a way of supporting new shows and finding new favorites.

Suzanne’s show The Wasatch Report caught my eye since I am a fan of all things Utah. Then I discovered her second show The Red Hot Chilly Prepper. I enjoyed her contagious enthusiasm and positive energy and interesting, current topics related to politics and prepping for economic collapse and other disasters. We became Facebook friends and have been encouraging each other in each of our various pursuits. Her website is

She describes herself as a “self-reliant woman who cherishes freedom and independence and will tolerate no less from government.”

“Suzanne C. Sherman is an attorney who quit her practice to raise her children. In 2013, she left California to enjoy the peace and freedoms available in a remote location in the mountains of Northeastern Utah. She makes radio appearances, hosts two shows and speaks about self-reliance, preparedness, federalism, history, and liberty.” From her Kindle bio.

What is Federalism?

Her ideas on government and freedom fit in with mine as far as the limited powers of the federal government. She writes from the viewpoint of an attorney. Her desire is to help people understand where our government has gone astray from it’s original design. With the recent changes in the makeup of the Supreme Court , she has had a lot to say about whether the SCOTUS ever had the authority to make rulings on certain laws that restrict every state’s citizen’s rights.

Suzanne has written an educational Kindle book that explains in more detail which duties the founding fathers intended to be exercised at the state and national levels . “This book is a compilation of essays I wrote explaining how federalism has been abandoned thanks to an all-powerful Supreme Court. When ratifying the Constitution, the states consented to a general government that had limited, enumerated powers, the remaining powers resting with the states. “

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“Imagine if all we required of an acceptable candidate was a comprehension of the federal system of government and a respect for its proper role. If we had stuck to that principle, imagine also the size and scope of our government today, the absence of endless bureaucratic, illegal agencies and endless intrusions into our everyday lives. Less tax dollars stolen, and a government small enough and constrained enough to keep us from a cycle of endless wars, excessive taxation, and overspending.” From her book Federalism: How Decentralization Can Save America.

Using the word federalism correctly in a sentence is a bit tricky. ” Federalism actually describes a system of government where some powers belong to the national government, and some powers belong to the state government.

This article might help you understand the concepts better. “The Anti-Federalists argued against the expansion of national power. They favored small localized governments with limited national authority as was exercised under the Articles of Confederation.” The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution as way of lessening the concerns of the anti-Federalists. Its purpose was to protect individual liberties from being taken away in the future.

She has also written two helpful and easy to use books on food preservation and preparation and is working on a fourth book. Check her out!

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My final thoughts on the topic of rights and laws. Americans have been taught that we are the judge and jury of the entire world. We, the people, are supposed to make the rules to promote life, liberty and the pursuit of property/happiness, but not on every issue and not for the whole country or world. Not only is that not morally justified, but it’s not even practically feasible. It’s time for a return to freedom, not kings and edicts.


  1. I definitely would have been a federalist from the get-go! The balance of powers between the states and the national government was superb brilliance; if only we could have kept it that way when FDR came along with his socialist agenda.
    However, “Christians should be involved in the political process, and we can do much good, but we should never forget that the only government that will succeed in global reform is Christ’s government.” (Randy Alcorn, Heaven)
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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