It’s May 18th Already?!! Happy Anniversary to Us!

First time for everything! I truly forgot my own 31 year wedding anniversary.

My husband asked me what month it was yesterday. He actually said “Is it May yet?”. I laughed and said , yes it’s halfway over! I thought a second and told him the date . Then he says, so tomorrow is our anniversary? My jaw dropped and we both cracked up laughing.

The past few weeks have been so busy , and we have no plans to go away, so it just completely slipped my mind! I guess that happens when you get older and pandemics come and you enter a weird time warp when nobody knows what the day is anymore.

He has been working six days a week and I’ve very focused on my niece’s graduation and writing my book and just keeping everything together. I thought my life would chill out in the stage! But it’s been hectic . That’s not a bad thing.

Here are a few pics from our wedding and first year.


  1. How did it get so late so soon?
    It’s night before it’s afternoon.
    December is here before it’s June.
    My goodness how the time has flewn.
    How did it get so late so soon? (Dr Seuss)

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