God’s Good Ole Boys

Last night I saw the power of God.

Our church is really good at community outreach. But I don’t want to go into that. The point of this post is one specific event that my husband and I attended last night.

It was called The Living Last Supper and it was like a play with actors and musical interludes, but also a worship service in which the audience participated in the usual prayers and culminated in holy communion (Methodist style) at the end of the play. The actors themselves, many of them being actual deacons, helped conduct the communion.

The performance itself was amazing! They created the appearance of Da Vinci’s Last Supper by using a 3-D painting for the background and the actors themselves as the men in the painting. In between each oration, the men would POSE exactly like the real painting! It was fantastic!

The orations were each of the disciples individually making a little speech in which they told their background and how Jesus had changed their lives. Then each one would say that Jesus had revealed to them that someone would betray him and they would ask, “Is it I?”. It was very powerful and made me think of how I betray Jesus when I sin.

But the coolest thing to me, the part that demonstrated the power of God, was the whole event itself. First, the entire parking lot was full and nearly every seat was taken at 5:30 on a Thursday. Second, these people who were doing the acting, mostly men, one woman, they are all local citizens of our town and county. Not all belong to our church, but all belong to some church. Keep in mind that our town is quite small. Some people had to drive a long way to be there.

These performers are Texas businessmen and regular guys, “good ole boys”, in the positive sense of the term. They are not actors by trade. To see them up there, knowing that they took time out of their very busy lives to do this because they felt it was important, knowing that they aren’t flashy people looking for applause, knowing that they are true believers whose LIVES WERE CHANGED BY THE POWER OF GOD, that was truly awesome!

Only GOD could do that. Praise the Lord for his life-changing, love-giving, peace-bringing gift!

Happy Good Friday to my brothers and sisters in Christ. โค

I wish I had a good picture of the scene because it was so cool. Here is one I stole from Instagram of them rehearsing.


Here’s a photo from the performance from a few years ago.


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