The Bible is The Word of God

Confession: I get annoyed sometimes. Okay, I get annoyed fairly often. This world is annoying!

One of the things that really bothers me is when professing Christians, especially those who publish Christian blogs or podcasts, admit that they do not believe the Bible is the inspired, inerrant, and infallible word of God. OR, they will claim that they do believe that, and THEN go on to totally disregard what the Bible plainly teaches. ARGH!

I have to remind myself that God is still working on all of us in various ways .

Reasons people don’t believe the Bible

Some of these people might be very new Christians. Or they may be attending a liberal church that doesn’t teach truth. Or they may be going through a period of testing by God. Or they may have a certain part of the Bible they don’t like so they have to take this position to not feel guilty.

I have a lot of questions I’d like to ask them, such as, “If you don’t believe the Bible is true, then on what are you basing your faith in Jesus?”. And “What exactly do you believe about Jesus and why?”. And “How do you choose which verses to believe?”. Not that it’s any of my business, but if you are saying you’re a Christian and I am saying I’m a Christian, then that means, according to the Bible, we are both part of the Body of Christ. So I’m just wondering if we actually believe in the same Christ.

Churches and False Teachers

Some of these people may know very little about the person they claim to follow. They are often simply ‘followers’ of a particular preacher or influential, charismatic person who claims to be a Christian.

In other words, these people don’t really know Jesus, they are simply fans or club members or participating in ‘spiritual role-playing’ or trying to be ‘good people’ by attending some type of church or fellowship or gathering. That’s awful!

Strangely, for many people, church seems to be nothing more than watching an inspirational talk, singing songs, fun activities, and visiting with friends. They don’t know who they are worshipping or why.

Many churches either don’t teach Biblical sermons at all or they cherry-pick a verse and build a talk around it using witty anecdotes and secular narratives. Some Progressive churches have given up on all traditional doctrines of the Christian faith and yet are still representing themselves as Christians, which is the very thing Peter and Paul warn about in the Bible!

When I realize that many of these people who don’t hold a high view of the Bible really don’t know the Lord, I don’t feel annoyed. I feel very sad for them. They are lost in their sins in the worst possible way! They think they’ve found the lifeboat, but their boat has a big hole in it.

Head knowledge versus Heart Knowledge

Christians need both ‘head knowledge’ and ‘heart knowledge’. Some people actually study the Bible like it’s a history book or collection of wise instructions, but they do not truly connect it to knowing God himself. So they have head knowledge, they know what the Bible says, but they do not believe in the miracles and supernatural power of the unseen God. And some people are have some type of ‘heart knowledge’, in other words ‘faith’ but it’s very vague and uninformed.

True faith comes from both a spiritual knowledge given to us by God that what Jesus claimed about himself is TRUE and the written Word. And by the way, Jesus claimed to be GOD in the flesh. But you have to read the Bible with faith to know that. In other words, you read the Bible and God reveals himself to you in your spirit.

If the Bible is not a reliable representation of God’s revelation of himself and his dealings with man, then how do we know what it says about Jesus is true? If we can’t trust the Bible, why would we believe in the claims that Jesus made about his ability to save us from judgment and hell? Why would we even believe in the resurrection at all ? Can you have Christianity without the Bible?

Why is it so important to hold a high view of scripture? Because not doing so opens the door to reinterpreting the verses we don’t like and also implies that God is not powerful enough to preserve His Word. This low view allows us to create a whole different type of God, one that is all mercy and no judgment.

God’s Word gives us strength!

Becoming a mature Christian who is able to withstand life’s temptations and endure trials and still have joy requires strong faith. Studying and hiding God’s word in your heart (mind) strengthens you in the same way that a daily diet of healthy food improves your body. When a trial comes , you can reach for the sword of truth.

In today’s world, there are many false teachers in and out of churches that are teaching ‘doctrines of demons’ disguised as Christianity. You won’t be able to recognize those lies if you don’t study the Bible!

So, I hope you’ll forgive me for being annoyed at these people. Recognizing the importance of a high view of the Bible is essential. So I will keep praying for them and speaking truth on my blog and in my podcast in hopes that God will use it to reach people who may be deceived by false teachings.


    • Amen. Just to be clear, this post was motivated by a podcaster that was denying the truth of the Bible. He has a lot of listeners, so it’s very unfortunate.

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