Your Last Blog

If you , dear blogger, knew that you had only one blog left to write because you were going to die or go to the moon and never return or whatever , what would you write about? What last message would you want to share with your readers?

Would it be something personal, a light reading , or a serious message? How would you say goodbye?

Please tell me in the comments!

Picked this up at a garage sale years ago and recently rediscovered it in the closet . Now it’s sitting on my shelf in my office/dining room.


  1. I’d like to say I would be nice, but when faced with it, my guess is I would be ironic, or sarcastic, because that’s my go to. Nice question. But I think most people lie about what they would do in the face of adversity (I mean really…if the amount of people who said they were in the resistance in WWII actually were there would have been no war)

  2. If it were my last post and I assumed the people reading it had been following along for a while (and already knew the real me) then I’m guessing my last post would be light. (like maybe the combination to a safe full of goodies. 🙂 Find the safe and win a prize. My mom (who is still alive) has her favorite fudge recipe on the back side of her tombstone. I love that attitude.

  3. Come to Jesus! He is the Son of God, the Savior of the world, the Holy Spirit baptizer and sanctifier, the coming King! Do not wait, do not hesitate. Do not GET ready, BE ready for the return of Jesus, called The Christ. ❤️&🙏, c.a.

  4. I probably would just leave it hanging and never say goodbye. In my imagination, though, I’d write something poetic and inspiring in Spanish about embracing life and loving God.

  5. My blog has been dormant since last summer, for a couple of reasons. I am hopeful that I’ll get back to it again sooner rather than later. Last blog post? It would be about Jesus.

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