Can Consumers Prevent the Next Recession?

All economic signs point to a recession coming soon, huge jump in oil prices last week being the most significant. A jump like that has historically meant an impending recession.

Nobody likes paying $4 a gallon for gas. People are upset.

But is a recession inevitable? Is there anything we can do?

Causes of inflation and high gas prices

Political rhetoric is causing fear among both Democrat and Republican voters as blame for inflation gets pointed in all directions. Democrats blame Covid and Republicans blame Biden. The truth is that both parties are right. But we must remember that both just want to stay in power. They use dramatic headlines to divert our attention from their role in the problems. The blame game is not helpful to the public.

Everyone knows by now that the lockdowns and stimulus checks were taken way too far and used as a political tool. It will be the same with this inflation hysteria if we go along with it. The result of political drama: skyrocketing gas prices and other inflation that threatens consumer confidence. I urge people to stop thinking about inflation along party lines.

So what does this mean for the consumer? Do we have anything to do with whether or not we have a recession? How can we preserve freedom and free markets in an unstable economy?

How the public can prevent a recession

We must understand the role that the public plays in creating recessions. We have more power than we think. When people see rising prices, they panic. This causes a snowball effect that certain politicians encourage. Which ones? The ones that benefit from economic disruption. Major policy changes are possible during recessions.

If you value freedom, don’t panic. Don’t stop living your life. Keep doing what you are doing. The Great Reset plan only works if people give in to fear. We don’t need to hoard things, but we also don’t need to stop buying. Markets fluctuate. If the public panics, this gives the government the power they want to step in and manipulate the economy.

Continued spending, despite rising inflation and gas prices, will actually help things get better faster than misguided market tampering.

Keep buying gas, cars, building materials, houses, and traveling and taking out loans and living as if there is plenty for everyone, because there is !

Use credit for important purchases. I know that sounds irresponsible, but it’s not. Credit is a major part of the economic system. Businesses and governments rely on credit to achieve their goals, and so can consumers. Of course, be wise about it. Don’t take out more loans than you can afford to repay, and be sure to get good interest rates.

Trust no one in power. The globalist government types are fighting with the globalist corporate types for control over the future economy. Neither of them care about your personal situation, although they should because without your votes and dollars, they lose. But the government types are definitely more likely to mess up your life by causing a worldwide recession.

Keep spending. If you want to be free, have a job, and be able to buy the things you want and need, then the best plan is to not make the investors panic. Let them know by your actions that you, Joe and Julie Consumer, do not intend to stop buying their products, including money.

Take the long view. Many economists believe that this inflation and high gas prices will resolve on it’s own by the end of the year when artificially high Covid-stimulus spending slows down. Don’t let the crypto sellers and climate disaster videos cause you to make bad decisions in the short term.

Know what’s really happening. One of the big drivers of inflation is the green energy transition, also called the climate agenda. In order to achieve their goals, economic changes are inevitable and desired. Rising oil prices are a good thing in their eyes because they want the world to stop using oil and fossil fuels completely. Thus you should not expect the global government to save you from high gas prices. They want you to either stop driving so much or buy an electric vehicle.

If you want to keep driving your gas-powered vehicle, you should keep driving it. Vote with your wallet. Let the leaders know that you do not want to be forced to go back in time to a world of living in a tiny village where you have to walk everywhere, or stuck in an apartment in the city, dependent on electric public transportation and working from home.

The climate and degrowth movements’ goal is to reduce total production and get people used to a lifestyle of having fewer options. They believe that the world is running out of resources. Do not support companies who push the lie that the only way to ‘save the planet’ is to go back to feudal times. Let companies know you are not interested in global economic control by not investing in ESG funds.

While the global powers fight for control, now is also a good time to support local businesses, buy local food, and start your own business.

America is the only truly free country left. If we want to keep it that way, we have to use our votes and our purchasing power and our right to free speech.

The power to prevent a recession is in the wallets of the people.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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