Prepare for the Economic Effects of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

The markets are going nuts this morning after reports that Russia has attacked Ukraine.

Don’t panic, but I do suggest if you need gas and groceries, you might want to get them today . Prices are going up .

As for now, sanctions are still in flux.

Hopefully this market disruption will be a temporary thing, but it’s always smart to be prepared.

With inflation , the value of the dollar goes down. So if you buy groceries now, and inflation rises, you’ll get more for your money today than tomorrow.

Also ,there could be shortages in certain things since Russia will be sanctioned for its actions against Ukraine. Shortages also cause higher prices.

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Here are some of the things that Russia exports: grains such as wheat and corn and soy, fertilizers, and various metals such as aluminum.

Europe will be more directly and immediately affected by energy supply and higher costs if Russia oil and gas is sanctioned , but the whole world will feel the impact . Crude Oil prices are over $100 barrel again, as they were pre-Trump.

You can watch the changes in the market here .

Most of all , we should be praying for the leaders of the world. Europe is quite worried about Russia’s aggressive behavior. The U.S is also deeply involved with the situation.

As always, trust God. Nothing is a surprise to Him!


  1. Read a short article last night before going to bed on the history of Ukraine/ Russia/ Nato..which gave me a slightly bigger picture of what’s in play…(way more than just Putin is thinking about invading Ukraine)…right before bed, the words from Matthew 24:6 popped into my head “And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not alarmed,”. Didn’t know chapter and verse at that point, but I did know they were the words of Jesus. Blessings on you guys down in Texas! DM from the heartlands.

  2. While not being alarmed at what may come, I recall parts of Ezekiel 36 and 37 coming about with the six-day war in ’67, and I suspect we are about to see parts of 38 come to fruition as Russia allies with Iran as well as China and any nation that opposes the freedoms of western democratic republics.
    Yes, it is much more than a family squabble. We are the generation that may see Jesus return, even in what little is left in my short lifetime.
    As DM wisely notes, the Matthew 24 passage says that these wars are NOT the sign of the end, but the beginning of birth pains. The only sign Jesus gave is that the message of Jesus is proclaimed to every people group: “Then the end will come.”
    Even so, Lord Jesus, come.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

      • Putin lies just like his “father.” We just watched “Return to the Hiding Place,” the story of some of the students who were in the Resistance with the ten-Booms.
        The behavior of Putin and the Russians very much parallels what the Nazis did in Holland. He’s just trying to deflect this comparison if him by claiming lies about Ukraine. So sad.

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