Happy 21st birthday to Grace!

We celebrated a big milestone quietly on Monday . Due to covid , we decided not to have a party at this time. As I shared here , we never thought we’d see this day , at least when Grace was a baby . Over the years we started to believe that she might beat the odds because she is pretty healthy despite some bad spells of pneumonia and seizures. She is now officially an adult for all practical purposes!

Around 4 years old

Grace’s life looks different than most people’s but we believe that she is happy and one day we will be able to ask her when she is made whole .

I made a short photo video for YouTube to commemorate this special day. you can also watch her other video on my YouTube channel, I think . Actually, no , here it is in my old channel.

https://youtu.be/TtT0MHe4pmk Old video montage

https://youtu.be/ocp7s0_Vq2U New video montage


  1. Love her smile. (just watched both clips) I love the pictures of her snuggling with her dad ! and wow/ doing a 1/2 marathon together….I wouldn’t be able to do a 1/10 of a marathon…period. Thank you for including us from the blog family in your special day with Grace. DM

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