Be Afraid, be very afraid!

Ah, the ‘good ole days’! Life was so much better ‘back then’, wasn’t it?

The truth is that every era has had it’s share of threats and menaces. It’s just that now with the Information Highway we can get run over with the constant and fast stream of scary and depressing news. Youtube offers a plethora of information, both helpful and provocative, and will helpfully suggest videos you never even though about searching for, such as “Duck and Cover”.

Today I was watching history videos and came across these in my recommended list. It made me think about fear, trying to stay safe in an unpredictable world, and the misuse of fear in current times.

Fear of disease and death is the most abused fear. Then we could add a long list of things people are afraid might happen, but usually don’t. Bad things do happen of course, but we can’t let fear rule our lives.

The remedy? Be reasonably cautious, say your prayers, and leave the rest to God.

What do you think? Do you think the internet (news, social media, advertisements) feeds fears?

Proof that it’s not even safe to walk down the street.

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