Review : Jim Gaffigan : Comedy Monster

Being on Covid lockdown obviously took a toll on poor Jim. Not only did he age physically, but his comedy lost its fitness .

I suggest fast-forwarding through the first 15 minutes or so , unless you enjoy jokes about the ongoing pandemic. This must have been recorded pre-Omicron scare.

I eventually gave up trying to watch it ,but my husband was still watching it and I heard him laugh a few times. He said he thought it was worth watching after the first part.

Jim has a particular style of negative humor that is only funny if you don’t think he really means it in a malicious way . In this show, too many times he seems like he really is an angry liberal who has an ax to grind . He gets in a few political jabs and Karen comments.

Another thing I noticed right away is that the audience laughter sounded fake. I’m not even sure if he was in front of a live audience. The jokes just weren’t that funny for that level of laughing .

This just felt sad and forced . I loved his old shows. The kids and I watched them multiple times. I think being stuck at home with kids so long during the lockdown was just too much for him. I hope he can bounce back .

But maybe I was just too tired to enjoy it . Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


  1. I thought he was hilarious.
    No comedian is going to hit a home run with every joke. But he had plenty of doubles and only a few strike outs.
    The COVID jokes were pretty funny. We are all so done with this stuff, you just have to laugh.

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