Are AI-written Blogs Real Blogs?

Have you heard of Jarvis AI ? It’s just one of several computer programs, or AI for the hip crowd, that write your blog for you. You can use it for any type of post and also podcasts.

Being the old-fashioned type who likes to scratch out my own blog posts, I find this idea ….blasphemy!

I have never even used Grammarly because it felt too much like cheating. Jarvis goes way beyond correcting grammar and just writes the post for you.

This must be why so many blogs seem way too perfect and some bloggers are able to post multiple articles per day . It’s because they don’t actually write them.

I first heard about Jarvis on a podcast about podcasting . You can use it to write your description and even generate your introduction and more. I must say the Jarvis generates examples did sound better than my own stuff .

You can just tell Jarvis your topic , very generically, and it will generate the post. Can you imagine ?

But we live in a fake world, don’t we? Fake news, fake lives on Facebook, fake photos on Instagram, fake videos on YouTube, so why not have fake blogs , too?

The thing that bothers me is that real writers will probably lose work because of this. Just one more way that technology is taking jobs from humans.

What do you think ? Do these AI blogs eliminate writing jobs or are they mostly used for junk websites and creating marketing content to sell products ? Maybe they eliminate marketing writer jobs .

Will students even need to learn how to write ? Will this encourage cheating ?

Jarvis is not cheap. I think you’d need a pretty active blog and thriving business to make it worthwhile.

Do you use any programs to assist you with your writing , besides spell check ?

PS: No , I’m not an affiliate .


    • I was just watching a video about how the government and doctors and banks use AI to make decisions about OUR LIVES, such as medical procedures, loan approval , and sentencing guidelines for criminals .

  1. Oh my goodness! That is so creepy. I am not a fan of deep fakes and AI.

    I write a “biology” blog, partially because when I first began, I was really upset by how the human element was just being erased from everything. Do we even matter, do we have more value than machines, is there any beauty lurking within our design? I had lots of questions. 🙂

    • Exactly. Being human includes work, struggle, emotions, conflict, and spiritual life and the social programmers are trying to eliminate all of the above.

  2. I can’t even remember what my blog is about half the time! How am I supposed to get a robot to write what I don’t know I want to write!? 😵 (😂)

  3. I think I just got followed by one. If everything is just a little too shiny and boring and generic…. probably AI. Oh, well. I honestly don’t see the point. How does a blogger build a brand off being generic?

    • I don’t know. I feel like it’s to build up Google analytics or something like that, to drive traffic to their site to sell stuff. Or even more sinister goals. Who knows anymore??

  4. I guess I’m just old fashioned because I’ve never even heard of this. I’d much rather write my own words, not have some robot do it for me. When did humans get so lazy?

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