Do I get a prize?! Dental Anxiety

Yesterday I did something I have put off for many years. I went to the dentist! I have legitimate reasons for not going, but the main reason is I have dental anxiety. According to the internet, as many as 1/3 of the population has varying degrees of dental anxiety or phobia.

I blame my fear on actual experiences. When I was a little girl I had a mouth full of cavities, probably because I love candy, but maybe it was just bad teeth. Not only did I have to get a lot of fillings at one time, but I had an excruciatingly painful abscessed tooth that had to be extracted. Unfortunately for me, the anesthesia did not work because of the infection or something, so it was very painful. This is only one of the reasons that I have such a mistrust of medical professionals.

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But I am a big girl now, and I wanted to check on a particular tooth, so I finally went to the dentist. Good news! No cavities. AND, I really liked this dentist. He was very kind and careful. And the front desk ladies and assistant were also very nice.

For the record, I have been to the dentist in the past 5 years, but only when I was in pain and was forced to go. Most of my visits resulted in a few thousand dollars in debt. So I was super happy that I didn’t need any work done on this visit besides the cleaning. My teeth feel so clean and look so much better!

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Yesterday was a really good day.

I made a podcast in which I talk about my day as well as other more important subjects. For example, should Christians be praying for Jesus to return? How should we be spending our time until He comes back? Check out my podcast for my thoughts.

After I recorded it, with a couple of dog and husband interruptions, I realized that the country was in an uproar over the Kyle Rittenhouse acquittal and I probably should have discussed that, but I didn’t. I may or may not add some comments later.

Have a great weekend!

Not Guilty! Today was a good day! Dental Anxiety Etc Ep 59 Blue Skies and Green Pastures with Paula Adams


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  1. I don’t have dental anxiety per se, but I’m not fond of going there. My dentist gives free care to veteran’s for Veteran’s Day so I went a week ago and had free x-rays, exam and cleaning. When I was finished the hygienist, who had not worked with me before, wanted to make an appointment to return in 6 months. I said “Forget that idea. I’ll see you next year.” Part of my reasoning is that all my dental care is out-of-pocket. And he did 5 crowns in the past 2 years, so it is not a matter of me getting as much free stuff as I can. And, without catching your podcast yet, should we pray for the return of our Savior and Lord? Of yeah, we should.

    • I guess you had no cavities either! I have always prayed for Jesus to return soon, but I recently questioned that idea. Does the Bible teach that we should? I guess I need to look it up. Basically what I was thinking is that we need to be busy with evangelism and loving and serving, not whining for Jesus. But I trust that you know more than me.

  2. No need to discuss the Rittenhouse thing; it’s been beaten to death by both his supporters and detractors. Biden actually had a good word on it and encouraged everyone to accept the jury’s verdict. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day! 🥴

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