Good news!


  1. Oooh, so jealous. I wanted a ZTR for years, but every time I looked longingly at one, my bride made me do the math: how much I pay a boy to mow for each season compared to how many years it would take to equal the amount for the ZTR. At about 12 years, she always wondered if we would even still be in this house that much longer! 😟
    So happy John is back “on the wagon.” 😁

  2. It’s pretty awesome! It’s the first new vehicle of any kind that we have ever owned as a couple . 😁 We do a lot of mowing and our old Cub lawn tractor that we got for free has been breaking down over and over this year. He hesitated to spend the money, but we had a zero interest deal. The day we got it the whole family took turns riding it . It’s fast! And fun. I hope you can get one some day . 🙏

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