boy in gray hoodie wearing vr headset
Photo by Julia M Cameron on Pexels.com

It’s easy to ignore that the world’s gone mad
When you’re drugged.

The mind prefers not to feel scared or sad.
Keep it drugged.

Memes, videos, games, porn, is it so bad
To be drugged?

Fascists and communists are all the same, we’ve been had.
They keep us drugged.

Data, tech, fear, dopamine, numb, neurotech, Chad.
You have been drugged.

God’s truth can set you free to be glad
To not live drugged.

Love, Peace, Family, Nature, it’s not a fad.
Joy without being drugged.

Open your eyes and heart to life and you’ll add
To your soul that was drugged.


  1. Yes again, I love this. Scarily accurate. Connect to nature, to love and real connection, that’s what’s true. We can all un-drug ourselves!

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