Looking into a Time Capsule with Covid Eyes

I’m on day 5 of my Covid experience. It’s been rough at times , but like most viruses, the symptoms improve some in the middle of the day . I won’t go on about it . Try to stay well , but don’t freak out if you get sick. Get some ivermectin and take your vitamins and rest.

So to pass the time I’ve been watching a lot of TV. After a few days of bingeing on Manifest on Netflix, I discovered vintage Price is Right episodes on Pluto TV.

The episodes are from the early 70s to early 80s. I lived through those years as a kid and teenager. Seeing these old fashions and the cars and the other prizes has been like looking into a time capsule .

The models are all wearing high neck blouses and long skirts! And so many ruffles. The guests are dressed up like they’re going to church. Lots of tan blazers , sweaters over sweaters , and high waisted jeans .

But the way people act on the show is the really interesting part. The audience is a diverse group of ages and races. Considering how “racist” America supposedly is , it’s kinda amazing to see all these people happily coming together in one place way back in the 70s.

Everyone is so polite and Bob Barker is quite the comedian. And the people look so healthy. They look different from today’s people. Maybe it’s because they’re smiling. Maybe it’s the big hair. Maybe I’m biased by my nostalgia .

They just described a sewing machine prize for “today’s woman” and there was no outrage !

It’s funny how excited they get over the ugly furniture and appliances. But what’s really surprising is the prices. They’re high! The cars were cheaper of course, but the other stuff is way more expensive than you’d think . A microwave was $570! But I guess that was a period of high inflation and some of those products were fairly newly created.

A lady just won a Chevy Chevette that came with an AM/FM stereo and cigarette lighter for the price of $6950!

I know I was just a kid in the 70s , but I remember those as great years. I guess it’s common for old people to look back on the past with rose colored glasses. But with the way things are going, it’s hard not to long for happier days.

What’s sad to me is knowing that eventually all the people who remember life before technology will be dead . Technology is changing humanity in many ways. If Jesus doesn’t return and we aren’t wiped out by plagues and floods, what kind of people will live in the green, global, digitally transformed, equitable, gender less, privacy-free world of social credit and 100s of vaccinations?

If they’re allowed to watch old episodes of the Price is Right in the future, maybe in history class, will they laugh at the primitive humans? Will they be confused by the concept of private property ? What will they think of people having their own cars ? I’m sure they will find it very sexist that all the models are female. They’ll probably scorn the practice of playing games to win consumer goods since everyone in the future will own nothing and be happy.

Well, enough of this musing . I have to call and see if my prescription is ready . Stay well friends.


  1. I remember a radio host lamenting, “What will I say to my grandchildren when they ask, “Did you really have to drive yourself!?'”
    As for prices, I recall working in a K-Mart (it was a store similar to Sam’s Club but you did not have to buy a membership!) and selling Vic-20 computers… for $299! Not much for today’s computers, but a Vic-20 had 20 KILO-bytes of MEMORY; both RAM and ROM! 😲 (That was our nomenclature for Random Access Memory that you could mess with, and Read Only Memory, kind of like the operating system. And they sold like hotcakes! 😁
    Praying for your health and that your computer does more than a Vic-20.

    • K-Mart was not quite Sams club 🤣 . But they do both have snack bars! I remember when K-Mart was big and Walmart was like a Dollar General. My husbands dad had one of those computers that you build yourself. I guess with TV for a monitor? He was a radio guy in the war. Loved all the new technology. It was sad when Alzheimer’s took that from him but he had fun with it up until his 80s.

  2. we had Covid in November, the vaccines in March and April…and now we thought we were good and now “they” tell us “not so fast”….a never ending merry go round of crazy—rest and you will get better!!!!!

  3. I think your attitude will be as healing as anything else – absolutely do not freak out! 👍So glad you’re able to get good medicine. (What state do you live in?) Rest up, and keep sharing the profound thoughts.

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