Call me Blessed

Last weekend both of my sons who live in another town just happened to have the weekend off from work. They both work in the grocery business which means they often work weekends. I decided I was going to see them. Then my husband and my two youngest said they’d come along .

We had to wait until evening because J. works the night shift and he keeps his schedule even on his days off . So we left here around 4:00.

Thankfully my mom was free and willing to come over and stay with my daughter . What a blessing having her living right next door! By the way , have I mentioned she is the most awesome mom?

She just celebrated her 80th birthday a few weeks ago , the same month that she was called back to her job that she lost last year due to Covid. Yes, she is back to being a full-time travel agent ! When she came over Saturday she was so happy and excited to tell me that she’d had one of her calls monitored (she works on the phone) , and she did so well they are going to use it as a training call. 😁 That’s my mom!

So off we went , the four of us in our little Sienna van up through the small towns and back country narrow highways. The green rolling hills of Washington county and the blue summer sky and fluffy white clouds were so beautiful I could barely focus on driving .

But we made it safely to J.’s apartment. He had just woken up and was still showering when we arrived so we waited on him for awhile. Then my two youngest climbed into J.’s car and we all drove over to Guitar Center to buy a few necessities. At this point my husband has taught three of my boys to play guitar. Seeing them play together fills me with joy.

After that we headed to my oldest son’s apartment that he shares with his very sweet girlfriend. She just happened to be celebrating her birthday that day. We checked out their place that she has made very colorful and homey, then chose a restaurant and got back on the road .

My oldest is almost 30 years old and the typical firstborn son. The past few years we’ve had some difficult times as we haven’t always agreed on current events. But the love between us was always strong and I’m so thankful that he was smiling and happy to see us. That made my year!

In Texas the most popular restaurants are Mexican, Barbecue, and Whataburger. We chose Mexican . You just can’t go wrong with chips and salsa and beans and rice! The food was just okay, but the company was excellent!

It’s been a long time since my family went out to eat together. I’m sad that my other son and my daughter weren’t there , but I plan to get us all together again as soon as possible. Life’s just too short not to spend time with people you love.

We didn’t get many pictures, but I’ll share the one the waiter took . I don’t really like how I look, but the photo helps me remember how blessed I am ! My kids are growing up. 🥰 They one next to me is the youngest , then the middle son, my oldest is wearing the green shirt and my next to youngest is in the black shirt.

Being a mother is the joy of my life. Thank you, Lord!


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