Post-pandemic Fitness Restart : Total Beginner Workout

Many of us are feeling the results of not exercising for the past year or more.

Today is the best day to get started feeling better!

The following is an easy routine that almost anyone can do.

*Check with your doctor if you have any health concerns .

*This should feel easy . Don’t strain or push yourself into stretching to the point of pain!

*The idea is to move your body . You might not sweat at all .

*Add a 20-30 minute brisk walk to really jumpstart your return to fitness !

Let’s get moving ! Here is the list of what we will do. Photos below.

  1. Overhead stretch
  2. Toe touch
  3. Side stretch
  4. Basic squat
  5. Windmill
  6. Knee plank
  7. Cobra stretch
  8. Praying stretch
  9. Down dog
  10. Glute Bridge
  11. Leg Raises

Start with simple stretching your arms up over your head. First take a breathe , reach up , exhale, stay for 5 seconds then release . Repeat 3 times.

Next , suck in your tummy , then reach for your toes. Let your neck and back and legs slowly relax into the stretch . Don’t push too hard if your muscles are tight. Breathe. Stand up , relax , then repeat 3 times.

Then you’re going to do side stretches the same way . Keep your posture straight , legs slightly apart, arm bent over your head . Let your body relax . Don’t hold your breath. Hold the stretch for a few seconds. Do alternate sides 5 times each.

Next you are going to squat , if you are able . If this is too hard , simple match in place for 30 seconds, lifting your knees high. When you squat your butt goes out behind you . You should not be bending in front of your knees. *If you have knee problems skip this one. When coming up , squeeze your butt (glute) muscles, don’t forget to breathe. Try to do at least 10 squats , but don’t overdo it. Better to do a few each day and build up than to hurt yourself and not be able to workout .

Next we are going to do side lunges. This one feels good ! You are going to feel it in your inner thighs . Maintain good posture . Do 5 per side . One leg is straight , one is bent . Arm reaching up , head up. When you switch sides , use your core and butt to support you . Hold your stomach in. Breathe. See photo .

Now get down on the floor .

First we will do a modified plank . Elbows and knees. Stretch out, don’t curl up . Hold as long as you can then sit up or lie down to take a rest. Repeat again. Be sure to engage your core , back and stomach muscles. Don’t use your neck muscles . if you’re strong enough, do a regular plank. Planking is great but only if you are using your core correctly . Your back should be flat, butt down.

From plank position move into the next three stretches . I don’t know the name of them . Don’t strain . Breathe, let your muscles slowly relax and stretch a little more.

Yes I know these are familiar yoga poses , but you don’t have hold them a long time to benefit . We are just stretching . Repeat the sequence 3 times . Remember to breathe into it . It should feel good , not painful . Do what YOU CAN.

No one is judging you !

Last , lie on your back for the bridge exercise. Remember to use your butt muscles as your raise up the bridge and keep your core strong. Hold for 8 seconds, lower . Repeat three times.

Last one! Tighten your core and keep back flat while raising your legs. Hold them at a comfortable height for a few second with belly tight. Lower legs , then repeat 5 times. You can also bicycle your legs and do scissors if you want . Do what you are able to safely do without straining your back. Even lifting one leg at a time is a good start .

Great job !!

This is all for you !

You can feel better!

I hope this helps and motivates you to get moving!

By the way , I like to pray and listen to music while I do this. Sometimes I use this routine as a warmup to go for a run or walk .

God bless you as you take care of your body , soul and spirit.

John 14:6-7

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. [7] If you had known me, you would have known my Father also. From now on you do know him and have seen him.” ESV


      • Ya! I especially like the pretty flooring. Good job at working out! I live in Phoenix and recently started working out to my Cindy Crawford tape again. I like to hike but sometimes at 7pm, it is still over 100 degrees and who wants to hike in that?! Ha

  1. Ha! I was planning ahead. Last fall, after a summer of alternating upper and lower body exercise (Kayaking one day, biking the next) when the weather started getting cold again, I bought an elliptical machine. Armed with that and my audiobooks, I kept this old body moving all winter. 😉

  2. Now I need a nap hahaha. These are all great ways to get your body in motion, build stamina and your core as well as improve balance, blood flow, etc without killing your joints. Something we all need. I would do pretty much all these when visiting an older friend of mine. She’d say she couldn’t do them. Like the planks, the v’s(or down dog and cobra, I think it is called in yoga but could be wrong lol) She quickly learned she could. We used the back of the couch as the support, did the plank, then into the pushing up (cobra?) then into the dog(?) position. You can do pushups that way too. Oh and push ups while in that down dog(?) It really works out the arms. And the leg lifts from a sitting position. She would do them in the chair, or using the back of the couch while I did them on the floor. Sorry for not knowing all the proper names for the poses. Thank you for sharing all of these PK. Keeping our bodies moving is the key to keeping them moving 🙂 AND it feels good 🙂

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