Data Grab? The Portal to Unenroll For Advance Child Tax Credits Comes with Strings Attached

What should you do if you do NOT want to receive next year’s child tax credit payments in advance? You must go to the IRS Portal to let them know.

The link to unenroll is here.

Last time I checked the portal was not available. That was 10 days ago. Now I find that I missed the date. June 28 was the deadline to opt out, and I missed it, thanks to being sick.

But they say you can still opt out of future payments. So read on if you want to opt out. But it won’t be easy.

It’s just as complicated as everything else on the IRS website.

First you must have an ACCOUNT with the IRS. But what if you do not have an IRS account, like many people?

Then you must sign up for something called

NOTE: You can also still sign up for an IRS account, instead of But they do not put the link on that page. GO HERE.

Who is is a business that works for the government. It is being used by many states and now the IRS to verify identity to receive government benefits such as unemployment. It was started as a small app for military members in 2010 and has evolved .

Here are a list of the steps you will go through to sign up for at least as far as I went in the process. I stopped at #4.

  • 1.Sign up with your email and password.
  • 2. Verify the email.
  • 3.Choose a Two-Factor Identification method. Most people will put in their phone number.
  • 4. Receive a text and then enter the code from the text to verify.
  • 5.Read the privacy notice about them collecting your Biometric information.
  • 6. Upload photos of your Drivers license or passport and your social security number.
  • 7.Unknown, I stopped short of uploading photos because thankfully I have an IRS account.

Some people may think this is no big deal and I’ve seen that comment online by military members who have already given their life information to the government.

But to me, this is a huge invasion of privacy and a data grab. Now they will have ALL of your pertinent information in one neat file. Many of us have already been forced to surrender our birth certificate, fingerprints, original Social Security card and other proof of identity and photo at the driver’s license office.

But not everyone drives.

So why would they be doing this? I’ll let you come up with some scenarios.

The government apparently really wants you to take this money now or else they would not make it so difficult to opt out.

Or maybe they just want you to sign up for

ALSO, one more little thing: If you file a return jointly with your spouse, THEY must also create an account and opt-out of the payments.

If you are not sure what I mean by Advance Child Tax credit, please see this article for more information. Basically they are going to give qualified families HALF of next year’s Child Tax Credit payment in advance as part of the Covid relief package, and they temporarily raised the amount as well.

Some people may choose to take money, put it into savings, and then use it pay their taxes next year. Others may not be willing to take the risk of that money getting spent on something else.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but this whole thing reeks.

Remember last year when people were saying that Bill Gates was pushing a global identification device? Gate’s name is not on the ID2020 website, but he is closely connected to GAVI who started the organization. And the board chairman worked for Microsoft. homepage screenshot screenshot.
ID2020 Website

ID2020 Executive Director “Dakota Gruener launched ID2020 in 2016, following her work at Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, where she served as an aide-de-camp to the CEO, Seth Berkley.”

Board Chairman “Mr. Kim Gagné joined APCO from the Microsoft Corporate, External and Legal Affairs group where he held a variety of senior policy and management positions in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. “


  1. I agree with you that the government is making it hard to opt out because they want you to get the money now and suffer the consequences later. They’ve proven to us that they don’t care about America more so during this pandemic than any other time. It’s actually pretty scary and absolutely ridiculous. Thanks for sharing this information!

    • It definitely makes me question what their plans are, besides making more and more people dependent on the government. I did edit the post to add that you can still sign up for a regular IRS account instead of But that process can be just as difficult. I had to use the MAIL.

  2. I watched Tucker Carlson last night share the fact that he knows without doubt as it has been verified, that the Government (big G) reads his personal emails. Emails that went to one person only and were not forwarded by that person but that the NSA has them in a file.

    I can remember shortly following 9/11 President Bush (more like Donald Rumsfeld and VP Cheney, both of whom I do admire despite their hawkish natures) stated that our personal calls and electronic communications would be subject to monitoring. This was in part because of the terrorist cells and the Government (again with a Big G) wanting to tag certain words and subject matter in attempt to track down more terrorists and their various cells.

    I can remember thinking that I had no qualms with that as I didn’t have anything that a government agency would find interesting and I wanted to keep our country safe.

    Well it’s funny how that approach is now being taken by the present administration and rather than terrorists and cells, they, the Big G government, are honing in on those Americans who are on the opposite ideological fence of the administration.

    If you call yourself a patriot, a conservative, a republican…you are now considered a danger to society.

    I never thought I’d live to see such madness.

      • I know. I’ve been laughed at because I don’t have an Alexa type device, no smart tv or fridge or ring doorbell – I have dogs I don’t need a door bell. The smart phones are bad enough.

      • I’m not laughing at you! I do not have those things and don’t want them. I don’t even use SIRI. It’s crazy to watch most of the world embrace total surveillance and even be willing to be chipped for ‘convenience’.

      • Oh I never thought you were. I apologize if it sounded that way. I got into a long discussion with someone who has fully embraced the ‘smart’ lifestyle. They were not happy with me when my final comment was ‘say hello to big brother for me’.

      • No, I didn’t, sorry. 🙂 So hard to communicate emotion via the written word. I mean it emphatically, as in, I agree with you. The average person, I think, is totally focused on convenience and trusts the government. Like Cookie said, they think they have nothing to hide. I have nothing to hide, from a limited government.

      • It is difficult that much is true. I don’t even know how many times people have taken my words wrong, or I have taken the words of others mistakenly. Limited government being the correct phrase, if only.

  3. I will soon blog on “conditioning,” a process by where we are being “groomed” to accept any solution to world problems. If my opinion is correct that the rapture of Church will occur before the revelation of the identity of “the Beast,” those left behind will have been primed for accepting his “mark” in order to buy and sell. It’ll just seem like the logical thing to do.
    If as other brothers and sisters expect, the rapture occurs after 3.5 years of the ‘tribulation’ or at the end of it, the ‘conditioning’ will even be more important for Christ-followers to understand.
    Even so, come Lord Jesus!

    • I agree with this opinion, CA. Not just grooming but actually setting up the apparatus of total control. They call it ‘infrastructure’ and helping the developing countries ‘access the global market’.

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