Home Improvements Part one

Started a project that I’ve been wanting to do ,but I knew it would be a big job so I procrastinated for an entire year. We finally ripped up the nasty carpet in the dining room and living room and will put down vinyl tile . I painted the dining room last year. But we (I) still had to paint the living room and now we are working hard at preparing the subfloor so the tile will stick . That means removing all kinds of nails and mysterious substances from the plywood . Backbreaking work, and my hands hurt from pulling up staples and nails , but the reward will be worth it. We have done this in most of the other rooms in the house over the past few years. It’s a big pain because we have nowhere to put the furniture while we work. We just move it around . But tile is so much easier to clean!

Enjoy the Before photos!

My youngest son has been my best work partner.
The dogs are so confused! 🤣
Those carpet strips are no joke at removing .
Music videos made the painting much easier .
We are thinking about not replacing the mini blinds because it’s been so nice seeing out.
Hubby had to break out the sander for the tough stuff.

Please say a prayer for us because we have a lot of work to do . Happy Friday!


  1. Right there with you. Painting room-by-room now and landscaping. Then comes new flooring. Feels like the exhaustion will not end…. Good luck to y’all 🙂

  2. been there done that multiple times—and oddly I actually enjoyed yanking out those nails with my nail puller and hammer…maybe it’s the manual labor that makes me feel as if I’m actually making a physical difference that I can actually see….here’s to a new room!!!!

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