Spring is here! Hugelkultur

Happy Spring to everyone in the northern hemisphere! We had a beautiful weekend in Southeast Texas with blue skies, perfect temperatures and low humidity. I enjoyed two trips to the trails and my husband smoked a brisket and mowed the lawn that is suddenly green and growing . Winter sure went by fast, as always.

I thought I’d share some photos of the huge planter box built by my husband and sons. They re-used the wood and tin from our old chicken coop . Then they filled it with cut up logs and old mulch and topped that off with some good garden soil we bought from a dirt yard. This is a method of gardening called Hugelkultur that my husband discovered on YouTube . You put the stuff under the dirt and it rots and feeds the soil. In the bed are onions , red, bell and orange peppers, Roma tomatoes, zucchini , and cucumbers . The tomatoes don’t look very promising, but the peppers are showing off . Sweet yellow Onions are looking good, too. I’m not much of a gardener myself, I mostly like to come up with projects for them to keep them busy . Haha! But I do enjoy watching the plants grow. Hoping for a bountiful harvest !


  1. Pepper plants look so happy!! Yay for gardening 🙂 I can’t wait for our snow to melt so we can get out and into the dirt. I can’t plant for a while yet (still too cold for a couple of months!) but if the snow would melt it would at least be easier to get outside, lol. Looking forward to 40s and 50s this week so we shall see! God Bless!

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