Words that Heal, not Hurt

I made a comment on a BBC page that I thought was saying ‘we need to come together’. But other people took it differently and thought I was claiming superiority. That was actually the opposite of my intention. I looked at the comment again and I realized I need to choose my words more carefully because people are angry, divided, and defensive. If we are to come together, and heal, and outmaneuver those who benefit from a divided nation, we must realize that certain words trigger emotions and avoid them, at least until we can develop a relationship of trust.

For example, one commenter said I should not say the words ‘both sides’. He’s right. I will avoid phrases that imply we are two different groups when trying to reach out to people and reach new understanding. I really believe there are many people who are actually in agreement about important things, but we do not know each other because we have been purposely divided by certain trigger words and topics. I will try harder!

For anyone here who thinks that I am being superior, I apologize. I tend to be very blunt and practical and even say things that I later think, well that is not what I meant to say. So I hope you’ll give me the benefit of the doubt and forgive my communication mistakes as I try to improve. Present me with good evidence if you think I am wrong about something. I value truth.

Let’s look at each other as human beings who want to be accepted and understood, not enemies to defeat.


  1. doenst sound like your fault . i get this alot, being told im either bitter or think im superior, for having values. i wouldnt say you need to carefully think about your words either, why shouldnt they too ? i feel liek the superior and bitter comments only come because people like to get triggered becuase they know the truth deep down, but society backs having little values and morals much more than those who have some , so, can’t win.

    • You’re right , but I hope that I might be able to reach at least a few people. I checked back on that comment. I asked the guy how should I word it , since he said don’t say “both sides” and he replied “there’s clearly one side at fault.” 🙄🤦‍♀️ Guess he’s not interested in reaching across the aisle .

  2. There are a good number of times that I have made a comment and looked at it later and saw that it could be subject to more than one interpretation. I think it’s just one of those things we have to live with because I doubt it can be avoided 100% of the time.

  3. I look forward to your posts. We may not always agree, but you always give me something to think about. To me, what really stands out in is how much more we all probably agree on, but don’t, won’t or can’t share. We feel as though we have to choose sides and that the other side is the enemy.. we talk to each other in catch phrases and too easily take offense or make assumptions when someone agrees or disagrees with us. As I said, you make me think. Love the poem!

    • Thank you . Yes, a lot of defensive and ,for some offensive, language. I think we all forgot how to treat other people because of the nature of social media. And there are so many that are seeking conflict as a form of entertainment. It really is an addicting game. But those people are not the ones I hope to make peace with. People like you who see the good in those you disagree with are the ones who can make a difference. 🙌 🙌🏿🙌🏽

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