3 Things that Happen when You Decide to Follow Jesus

1.You suddenly become aware of how sinful YOU are. You discover that those two simple commandments, love God and love your neighbor as yourself, aren’t so simple. Your flesh rises up and demands it’s rights even when you really want to please God! You may find it much easier to love people that you do not know rather than those in your own family or at your job or school. You may be okay with giving up most things to God, but realize that there are one or two sins that you really like. Satan will try to make you think those sins don’t really matter. But God is faithful and if you keep surrendering to Him, he will strengthen your faith and transform you and fill you with love. And you will get stronger and quicker at resisting those fleshly desires. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

2.You suddenly become aware of how sinful THE WORLD is. Everywhere you look you see things that are offensive to God that you used to just think were normal. Sex, the pursuit of escapist addictions, and the cult of self jump out at you from every movie, book and advertisement. Even children’s movies are full of pagan themes and anti-family messages. But you are no longer part of that world. Begin to seek the Lord and his kingdom in all your thoughts and activities. God is not glorified when we listen to music that glorifies sin or watch movies that display sinful activities as if they are normal and desirable. Fill your mind with good things and you will not miss those other things. Take every thought captive.

3.You grieve over the lost, deceived people who do not know the Lord Jesus. Let this sad realization propel you in your service of love to God and your neighbor. The Lord says we are to teach the good news to all the world. Let the Holy Spirit alert you to every opportunity to share the gospel. Learn to be a good listener, an encourager, generous with your time and service to the Lord. Remember that what you do for God brings heavenly rewards. Even in the little things, work as unto the Lord.


  1. As a Christian it’s always good to have a refresh of what truly matters in life. I especially enjoy the third point you gave, being a Christian means you care for others, even if they don’t have the same beliefs as you do.

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