Safe in His Arms

We were both broken and wounded when we met , but not the same.

Scarred and hurt ,loneliness guided our way.

Life had bruised our soft hearts.

Walking a tightrope between hope and defeat, we made a new start.

You trusted no one.

I trusted myself .

Fiercely vulnerable, bravely terrified. But not the same.

Searching for acceptance and love, I found you.

I offered my hand , you took it .

But I can’t save you.

He offers you bread, you say you’re not hungry.

He shines the light, you’d rather sleep.

He brings living water, you’re already drunk .

He offers true love, you have me.

I’m not big enough for the hole in your heart.

I know the One who loves you more.

Take his hand!

So we can be the same.

Safe in his arms.

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