November Hike at McKinney Roughs

After a fairly stressful week, I was in need of some time in God’s beautiful creation! He is so good to give me this time to recharge and renew my spirit. My sister from Utah who I often write about is in town and she was eager to get out on the trails as well . We spent a couple of hours exploring an almost empty park. The river was very low because we haven’t had much rain this year. The trails were in great condition and the trees were pretty even though we missed the days of their best colors. Enjoy the photos!

Headquarters area . Meeting room on the right . There were lots of butterflies in the gardens!
From the overlook
Stump in the middle of the trail
A huge dead tree
Cows enjoying the river
After a cloudy morning the skies cleared for this beautiful view
I was amazed at this. These rocks are usually under water.

You can see more photos of this park in different seasons on my other posts about McKinney Roughs. Here’s the main guide . A guide to hiking

Happy hiking !


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