A few questions for my fellow bloggers

What does your writing environment look like ?

Do you get interrupted frequently ?

Are usually you able to finish a blog in one sitting? More than one ?

What does your editing process look like? Do you edit as you go or after you write a rough draft? Do you publish it , then sometimes go back and edit again?

What’s blogging like for you ?

Thanks for sharing !

My view from my desk. It’s still early so there are no other people around . That’s my kitchen and den in the background.


  1. i like your space! i live with nobody but my cat, so basically my whole house is a big space for music, writing, art, and film. its amazing and i wish id known from way back how fulfilling life can be 😊

  2. What does your writing environment look like ? I write on the couch in the living room which is a mess because we’re doing home renovations. I’d much rather have a desk!

    Do you get interrupted frequently ? Yes! And it’s so frustrating!!

    Are usually you able to finish a blog in one sitting? More than one ? It depends on the type of post I’m writing. Most longer, more informative posts take at least 2 or 3 days.

    What does your editing process look like? Do you edit as you go or after you write a rough draft? Do you publish it , then sometimes go back and edit again? I usually edit as I go, then check it a few times before I actually post.

    What’s blogging like for you ? Some days it’s fun, but some days it feels like too much work. 🙂

  3. Sometimes I sit at my desk in my home office, but lately, I take my computer or my tablet into the living room and sit in a comfortable chair with my lap desk. I’ve written 15 or more blogs that I have not published yet because I hate, really dislike, the formatting part on WP. I’ve written some blogs in one day, but most of them, like Michelle, take several days. I edit as I go and then let a blog sit for awhile and copy edit it thoroughly before publishing it. (I’ve also found editing errors after publishing, so I correct them and repost!) I also find the process varies between being fun and being a chore. I use my blogs mostly for teaching purposes, so I actually could write them, which I enjoy doing, without publishing them, which I don’t enjoy. As a result, I have not published many blogs, nor have I taken any steps to publicize my blog. Each blog is intended to be a meditation or essay on a biblical principle. None of my posts have been personal. I could do that, but I’ve chosen not to. I constantly think about ways to change what i do, including being more personal. That could lead to more “followers,” but would be entirely useless for teaching purposes. My blog posts are my lessons for the group I lead. / I really appreciate your questions for fellow bloggers and want to check back to see how others are responding. Have a blessed day!

      • Yes, I sometimes wince when I see what I’ve posted or what it looks like! My biggest struggle is with the formatting process on FB, working through the blocks. For me, it’s time consuming and takes away the fun of writing and sharing my thoughts for conversation.

      • Yes , it’s a whole new world. I feel like I need to spend some time learning it. I’m mainly just using the very basic stuff.

  4. I love your space, mine is usually my kitchen table or window, I usually write in one sitting, very rarely before due date. I usually edit as I go along, but sometimes, I do have to edit after I publish, today was good example. I write all my posts on Word, then transfer to WordPress

    • Thanks! this is my new spot. For a long time I was in the kitchen. I painted and organized the dining room and took this desk out of my sons room. It’s small, but it works! And it’s nice having that little pass through window so I can see into the other room . Thanks for sharing ! Is it complicated to transfer ?

  5. I tried to post a picture of my writing space but that didn’t work out. I have a study at home where I do a lot of work for our church and so I write at the desk in my study. It’s a bit on the cluttered side.

    Interruptions? Depends on the time of day and what the kids are up to. If my door is closed they are supposed to knock before coming in. Sometimes the noise from their play can be pretty loud but it usually isn’t very distracting. It is the same environment I use as I study and write my sermons, which is a task I try to do with a bit more diligence than my blogging.

    One sitting for a post? Usually. Most of the time when I blog it is toward the end of the work day. Usually I have had an idea percolating during the day and if I have 60-90 minutes that, for me, is usually enough time. I write in Word and then paste into Blogger. Then I edit it, mostly for grammar, and then go live. I try to post once a week. Occasionally there may be a second post.

    What’s blogging like for me? It began as a way to develop a “voice” theologically. Mid-50’s and looking for a church call but having no ministry experience outside of what I did at the church I belonged to didn’t exactly make me a hot commodity as a pastor. So blogging allowed me to think, and share my thoughts, and also give any potential churches an idea of how I thought. Seven years into the ministry here and I continue to blog. Occasionally I share something that came out of a sermon but more often the genesis of a post is my Bible reading as it connects with something in the news or conversation I’ve recently had. I write, I think, at a slightly higher reading level than for my preaching, but I try not to go overboard with my writing vocabulary. My congregation is mostly high school graduates and my blog audience contains a wider spread. I try to write being mindful that I don’t want to be inaccessible.

    I’ve been using Blogger since I began and have considered moving to WordPress but I’m not really in the business of building my platform and don’t want to make it harder for those few people whom are my regular readers. When I post I share it to Facebook on my personal page, in two ways, once again the next day, and to our churches Facebook page. I never look at the stats until I make my next post. I average 30-40 views per post. If my wife shares it then things pick up a bit. I used to be in the 30’s then climbed pretty regularly into the low 100’s and then, I believe, Facebook changed their algorithm and stats tanked again. Its out of my hands, but in the very capable hands of the Lord. Thanks for asking!

  6. My blog posts are inspired by experiences that I have or remember, and when it occurs to me, “That would make a good blog post,” I write a bit of it and save as a draft, which I may or may not come back to and “fill out” later when I have more time. Other times someone else’s blog sparks an idea, and after writing a rather long “comment” I’ll step back, decide I like the idea I just expressed, and will copy and paste it to another draft.
    Yes, I get interrupted – usually just by my own scattered mind! (*eye roll*) But when I deliberately set aside time to write, I’ll go to my drafts, find one I can get excited about, and finish it. (Usually I then spend another hour or so whittling it down to 1000 words, or if I can’t, making it into a two-parter.)

  7. I put a lot of pressure on myself but i am learning not to so i get interrupted by myself. I get my wife to have a read over my stuff before i post, i like to get her thoughts before i go clicking that publish button.

    What is blogging like for me…mmmm its an interesting process, i want so much to encourage fellow believers and def spend time asking God what he wants me to share but its not always that straight forward, sometimes I dont post for while, a part of it is cause i dont have the time to sit and post 6 times a week, i dont want to post for the sake of posting. Blogging is both painful and enjoyable lol, but i would love to come to a place where i do it for the love of God and others more than listening to the voices in my head that suggest that i have nothing good to say if that makes sense.

    • I’m trying to ask God and myself , is this something that might help someone? I tend to be in a hurry to publish because I’m afraid I’ll forget what I want to say . But I’m learning that if I slow down, it ends up getting better. Keep praying and asking God for guidance and don’t listen to those negative thoughts. God bless you!

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