A few pictures of my town

I don’t actually live in this town , but it’s one of two towns close to my house . This is where I buy groceries and other necessities and sometimes do my long runs . Today I was going to run 15 miles but the weather was truly horrible with extreme humidity and included Saharan dust in the atmosphere. You can see in the pictures that the sky is gray from the dust cloud. So I quit after 10 miles, completely soaked , dripping sweat and squishing in my shoes .

City Hall
City hall and court
Sorry for the blurry picture. Chamber of commerce building
Bar and grill in old downtown
Same building different view
Mural on the side of business
It was fun running down the middle of the street with no traffic
There are a few businesses in this block
Too early for customers
Bills Grocery and meat market : best meat in town
The Railroad runs behind the grocery store and through town . You can see how hazy the sky was .


  1. “Quit after 10 miles”.. wow. I am impressed! My sentence would read “I quit after 1000 feet.” 🙂 what are they charging for hamburger @ that meat market? Just curious if it’s jumped as much as it’s jumped here?

  2. We went to the beach yesterday and had the same thick dust. Looking out the window on our way out, it just seemed overcast. But once we were outside, you could taste it. We were outside only for two hours, and it wasn’t awful because we had the water, but we had to go inside.

  3. What a beautiful little town PK. I’d love to run somewhere like that, I wouldn’t even mind the humidity either, because it’s so darn dry and hot here, lol.

  4. I like the idea of taking photos on your journey as you run. That mural looks fantastic also. I don’t run myself, due to a motorcycle accident many years ago that left me with a knee injury, another story. I do like to cycle though. I can do this without any knee pain. I haven’t been cycling since February though due to virus. Just when I was about to start again I caught covid 19 really bad. After recovery I was left with the after effects, mainly fatigue, so still unable to cycle. But when I finally get back on my cycle I am going to adopt your approach and take photos along the journey.

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